Went to Fort Worth show yesterday

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I went to my first train show yesterday in Fort Worth and I was dissapointed. I'm not sure what I expected but I did expect more I think. The dealers were all high(in my opinion) at least compared to the web and it was a bunch of cranky retired gentlemen that wanted way too much for their used worn out stuff. I thought the layouts were kind of tame too but this was my First show.


If it was a small show, they can be disappointing.:(
LArger shows where there is more competition amongst the dealers have better deals.:D

Yes, there are cranky old men who think their toys are worth their weight in gold, and in some cases, it is true comparing to what people are willing to pay on ebay, especialy if out of production. I ignore those tables and move on to teh cheaper volume or closeout dealers who want to move product.:p

If it was a large show that had manufacturers there, they will generallly want their MSRP minus a "show special discount" of like only 20%. Unfortunately we van get it cheaper online! :mad: Though, they will often have as Mnfrs. the latest, newest or hardest to get RR equipment.

Shows can be a crap shoot. If this was your first, don;t let it get you down or spoil your taste for shows!:)
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Ya probably too small of a show. I went to the WGH (World's Greatest Hobby) show last year and it was huge! Tons and tons of stuff. And the layouts were amazing.

But I ran into one of those "weirdos", you know they guy pushing and shoving his way through the crowds, no manners, who needs a bath.


But on the flip side, some of the best deals I have found have been at the small shows. Large shows like the WGH ect, charge very high table prices for the dealers, so they are less likely to dump product. I watch for tables with large amounts of used equipment, which is usualy an estate being sold off. If I am happy with the prices and only buy a piece or two, I dont dicker. But if I get a mass quantity of items, I try and bargain for a better price on the "lot". Normaly if you buy several items, the dealer will cut you a bargain. If the prices are out of line or he wont bargain, I move along, but if I liked the piece well enough, I will stop back by his table prior to leaving the show if I still have $$ to spend and restate my offer. Many times this works as it gives him/her a chance to digest the offer and if it has sold prior to my arrival back at the table, then it wasnt ment to be and the hunt goes on! I have been to many shows and they are all different, even the same show will change each time depending what dealers attend, what the economy is like, how nasty or nice the weather is ect. Many factors determine how well a show does and how well the buyer can make out price wise. I see this from both sides, I assist the LHS when he sets up at many shows around our area including the huge Wheaton monthly show up in Chicago. Cheers Mike


The biggest and best train show in Texas is, well, in Oklahoma City. December 4-5 this year.

The Plano show is a pretty decent show as well but every show in Texas pales in comparison to the OKC show.

Have no idea why.:confused:

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