weekend photofun 24-26 October 08

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Great Stuff Guys...I am always amazed in this thread.

Well it may not be much but I am finally working on projects for my "layout" if I ever get there!

Now I know this is not "prototype" but in my layout that I am planning it will be mostly prototype but I also gotta add some humor and fun. I plan to have a entire train of cola cars. Along with some other fun things I'm planning for the layout, sound effects, animation, and lighting. Hey its my world. :D hehe

Anyway I bought a couple of these on Evilbay for about 4 bucks each. They were originally tyco brown box crap but I liked the paint scheme and an evil idea was born. I plan to buy a few more of these and also to do some custom painting to get other flavors like Sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc.... I might even paint some crappy engines too.

First thing first throw away the coupler attached talgo trucks....YUCK!
I clipped the snaps off the tanker that originally attached the tanker to the base then I drilled and attached the post so I can screw the tanker on properly.

I bought some real trucks and glued on some styrene and then coupler boxes from a Kadee kit. Then I painted the frame flat black to cover it all up. Now all I need to do is buy a #2 tap since I can't frickn find mine, (Who let the tool gremlin back into my room!!! Now I gotta set some tool gremlin traps!) and then buy some glue down or sticky weights to replace the crappy weight they had installed. Not only is the tyco weight way off in scale, I kinda put the new body mounting post where there crappy weight was supposed to be. :)

Unfortunatly the hobby shop is closed so I cant get my tap or weights today :( But I will post when I am done. Then of course once I get a real layout and some good painting space I will weather all these cars so they will look "prototype".

I hope more people see the value in some of these old "toys" cause this is my kinda modeling...What till you see what I got planned for some old Bachman and Tyco Engines I got lying around. HEHE More evil plans!


Oh you just reminded me of the box of old tyco stuff I have under my shelf. Couple old engines and tons of rolling stock. And it all needs to be converted now.


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It warms my heart to see all the great modelling posted here. Thanks, guys.

I wonder if the person after whom the Overton's were named was any relation to my forebears. It is my family name. Nice cars, Ray! :D Good photo, too. I really like John's coloured stone archway image...wow!

Anyway, I was rummaging through some old photos and came across this one. It seems it may have been colourized, or else it has faded over the years.

Hi gregind: That's a great idea and a fun thing to do. Looking forward to more of your fun projects. Just a thought, I've used shot from shot gun shells for weight in some of my tank cars. Crandell, I really like that photo. The un-saturated color looks very realistic, in my opinion. And, that's one BIG, imposing locomotive! What's the min. radius for that one?


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Thanks, DJ. :) I don't really know!!! :confused: It is likely good down to 22", maybe 20? The towbar has several detent positions, so that would be one of the most limiting factors, I guess. I have it set about halfway along the maybe six positions that Rivarossi allows.

The engine is very large, as you say; not only long, but it is amazingly tall. This engine is the one that outweighed all others, including the Big Boy and the Yellowstones according to steamlocomotive.com. (See their top marquee and find "wheel arrangements", the drop down menu, and Allegheny is the first listed.)

I provided a review, the first such of the reader reviews, that is available to subscribers of Model Railroader Magazine. I don't happen to subscribe, so I can't see it. :rolleyes:



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Steve!!! Two thumbs up....way up!!:D

My first 11 years in the Canadian Armed Forces was in the tank corps. The Tiger was a great piece of engineering.

Still laughing at that one Steve !!

So here is the story. Yesterday you could see the standard 4 at work in the terminus (1961)


Today at Springhead Steam Railway (circa 1984) the loco has been saved from rotting in the scrapyard to be restored. The tender arrived first and has been stored away partially covered..



Next we see the loco arrive, its been unstrapped but they are waiting for the crane.







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john, was that blue painting tape as the tarp? I was just fiddling with that today, taping of the pantographs on the roof of an E-60 and realized that it looked like the pans had been tarped over for some reason...

whatever you used, it looks good!


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Hey josh the difco you have is it one of the newer run's or the older build it kits from walthers? i have an older build it kit and the dam dump doesn't stay on teh frame at all.


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Great work this weekend. Too many pictures for me to comment on individually but hardly a week goes by that I don't get inspiration from one of you for something to do on my layout. Steve, I love the guy squashed by the piano. :)


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I have been doing some reading up on my favorite Fallen Flag the NYO&W, aka: O&W. One thing I found is that they were still using some of their old Overton type passenger equipment in revenue service until 1930. Since I have been looking for some short passenger cars to run in "milk trains" (in part due to my 22" radius curves in places) and since the SLO&W is stuck in 1925...... I got out some stored ancient Overton combines and coaches I have had over 25 years. Got a couple cleaned up and decided to get them ready for revenue service. I had put Kadee Couplers on way back then. ......
Wow, looking great Ray. Nothing better to me than watching new life breathed into older equipment!

Great Pics John...How did you create the tarp?

The tarpaulin it is a piece of paper tissue, draped over then soaked in plastic weld. Last step carefully paint with blue acrylic paint



the painting is done with a brush that has long flexible bristles so as not to poke a hole in the tissue.Once dry the paint adds stiffness.

I just need to add the ropes now.



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It's been a while since I hve shown anything off. Just yesterday I added a new Athearn Genesis UP MP15DC to the fleet. My yard fleet is almost complete.
I just have to wait untill those UP GP40-2s are in.

And here is a recent prtotype shot I took a few days ago.

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