weekend photofun 24-26 October 08

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Fleeing from Al
Crandell, that engine does look like it ran though a mud pit. I'm sure it will look better when you've finished softening it up a bit.

Jeffrey, that beat up sheet metal roof is looking nice.

Tom, nice train and nice weathering. I'm sure this is some kind of teenage boy fixation but I've always liked Hooker cars. :D

Conrail, laying cork, or any kind of roadbed, is kind of pain. It will pay you back in the end with quieter running and a more realistic ballast profile. Dan, trust me, unless it's yard tracks or an industrial spur, take the time to lay roadbed.

Steve B

I'm suitably impressed so far, got out for a bit of steam action today but it was cold, wet and very dark so the pics turned out crap


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
I have been doing some reading up on my favorite Fallen Flag the NYO&W, aka: O&W. One thing I found is that they were still using some of their old Overton type passenger equipment in revenue service until 1930. Since I have been looking for some short passenger cars to run in "milk trains" (in part due to my 22" radius curves in places) and since the SLO&W is stuck in 1925...... I got out some stored ancient Overton combines and coaches I have had over 25 years. Got a couple cleaned up and decided to get them ready for revenue service. I had put Kadee Couplers on way back then.


Took off the trucks (also added back then as they originally had the Talgo style on them) and took it apart and sent it to the paint shop.


The coach shown above is still undergoing renovations, but I have finished the first of two Combines:


Oh I also did some decal work on the loco that will be on "Milk Train" duty:

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As always best pictures on the web on any given weekend are posted by you guys..

Excitement abounds in the RJR shed. I discovered I can set my camera manually Here are my first 2 manual set pictures.

F6.7 Shutter 1/4sec ISO400 No fiddling with light type setting
In this shot I think the depth of field is considerably improved over some pictures recently posted in my layout thead, but it may be a bit dark ?


F6.7 Shutter 1/4sec ISO400 No fiddling with light type setting
In this second shot I am amazed at the depth of field to the extent I would have moved the class 20 from way under the bridge if I had expected such depth, This is the same light setting but in a less shaded location.


I now realise all my previous photos in auto mode have been at F2.7 !!


Ps not sure that picture was perfection but like us all that's what I'm aiming for !


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
This weekend I found time to finish the Overton Coach in Seneca Lake, Ontario, & Western colors so my "Milk Train" is complete and can now be run. Here is the coach sitting behind the combine at Hopewell Junction Depot.


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