Weekend Photofun 01/26 - 01/28

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Hey just checked the forum and noticed no-one has started the weekend photo fun, so here we go. Hope I haven't stepped on anyones toes !
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RJRs Week

This week Ive extended the foreground at the front of the fence....



I have also started building a dock and crane to add to the front, the main structure is from a HO signal gantry...



As for the outdoor layout ...


RJR Branch Line
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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Lookin' good John! I think you need to get the rotary plow fired up and working on that last shot....

I have been working on a Bar Mills craftsman kit I've had sitting around for a year or so. The kit is Earl's Oil which will become Guy's Gas (named after a cousin of mine) when I am finished.

The kit has been started, walls and concrete base prepainted and ready to assemble.


Walls are in place. Windows were made from the Testers Clear parts cement and window maker glue. Not quite open for business yet.


Framing for the rest of the structure, a coal bin and some other details added.


Interior details and lighting has been put in . Guy is the bald fellow on the left.....



Looking for some HO 1920's style gas pumps (gravity feed type). JL Innovative used to have them but doesn't list them in there catalog anymore. ( I have a call into them.....) If anyone has any ideas, let me know.


Diesel Detail Freak
Ahhhh, much better, I feel like I've gotten somewhere for once in a few months!

View attachment 5526

View attachment 5527

View attachment 5528

View attachment 5529

Now to take the earning from the broken laptop to order more stuff for more trains. I just recently won two sets of the Carstens' anniversary decals on eBay, going to make a passenger car (or two) with them (like I've seen done). Have to find a car that would have been available at the time of the anniversary. Also got myself some more ballast (UP style!), and I guess I'll be ordering paints & details now.

grove den

naturally natural trees
JohnVery nice pictures and like the crane!!
Do I recognise: Scooby-Doo?

RayLike the interior details! I am curious to see a picture when the light inside is "turned on"

JoshAre those engines the same as shown in the attachment? They are great!!



Railroad Photographer
I've slowly been working on making a stretched On30 caboose. Partially based upon Bob Heyden's article in the Nov/Dec Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette. Took two short Bachmann cabeese as shown in the background, cut them apart and reassembled them into a longer version. Just working on the interior detailing today. My version isn't quite as complex as Heyden's, I kept the stock roof while he made a curved one. He replaced the stock windows and added a few, I left them as is. I scratchbuilt the baggage doors. Still have to add the signboards, truss rods and finish the interior before heading to the paint shop!


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Nice layout shots and good job on the fence area!

Super job on the kit!

Good looking locos!

Nice job so far the caboose!
Nice photos everybody. Half my buildings I ordered were 'out of stock' so they got canceled.. ended up getting some dumpsters and a overhead crane both from walthers.. I'll have pictures up tomorrow

Steve B

Not rail train's but road train's today, we just got in from watching this transformer load being brought from Liverpool to Penworthan sub station near Preston. The load is 225 tons, the next two are much bigger than this baby transformer.
Here with a 6x6 FAUN on the front and a DAF95 pushing behind

nice job on a sunny day, not as nice in winter.



Here the DAF95 was turned around to pull the load down a narrow lane, Robert watching on.

a bit bigger than the wife's car



No pics here busy building proto 2000 covered hoppers, all those little parts ARGGGH!!
Steve B at least you wouldn't have gauge all those wheel sets!!
Nice work everybody else!!
Josh what is the name of those fancy couplers that you are going to use I would like to show a buddy he has about 300 freight cars see if i can cause him a heart attack he thinks KDs are expensive!!

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