WEEKEND Photo fun, Sept 01 06

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An Aeriel view of Gloetown.

The NE corner

Center town

The NW corner where the sugar refinery is located

Gloetown Junction

The Yard

The SE corner yet to be developed

Gloetown is an HO scale RR on a 4 X 8 table. As you can see, lots to do still but will never be completed as the town will always evolved.

Happy MRRing


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Lookin' Good as usual everybody!

The decals for the Seneca Lake, Ontario, and Western have finally arrived so guess what I've been doing the last couple fo days. Still have several cars and one more loco to do the basic decals on. Later I will add all the other stuff and weather the locos.

Couple of small locos in the collection sitting in the yard at Hopewell Junction.



And the heavy duty hauler of the collection the USRA 2-6-6-2.



Diesel Detail Freak
So I picked up this Bigfoot set from Wal*Mart today, not sure if its HO, but I figured I can't go wrong...

Steve B

Lucgreat to have you here Luc, works progressing nice
GM the fire in the caboose will be glowing with the chimney thata way round
Ray that back scene look's superb


Hello,me from THAILAND
Wow!!.. all your fantastic weatherings and scenes, everybody...!!!
But for me should never dare to get a chance for activities like these.
This weekend I just expand a branch line from table layout through the bookcase on the wall.
This suburb-line is done for bigger trains such as Acela which need not less
than 21" rail curve.
To make it succeeded, I do level it, adjust it, and glue it.
Besidely, I erase some snout of chassis below the rocket head!
In the picture you can see no construction under a risky span hang in the air.
Moreover, the rail apparently bend off the level, but it's fine no problem.
This activity is not too tuff work and not too much sleep on this weekend,
just do for our healthy, good.


Hello,me from THAILAND
Car 1:87 for Arabian and Asian

Dear Mr.spurline, I notice your blue car on the road, It sound familiar.
So I see your profile, are you in Lebanon near Israel? are you middle east people?
That's why I own a blue car like that one. It is the most beautiful 1:87 car
in Thailand with the price of only 1-2 dollars (50-110 Bahts) made from Red Republic China.
there is my narrow grey road.


Diesel Detail Freak
So here's the Bigfoot I bought, the single "Mac tools" version, which wasn't available in the 5 pack. I'll upload the 5 pack pic tomorrow, when I have time, and I'll edit the MRTips article too. They're about HO scale, I compaired it to the size of the Vans I recently bought, the body it the same width, and just a hair longer, matching what it should, so I'm fine with its size.


Hello,me from THAILAND
Thank Mr. Steve, though if the car in those place nearby Seria might be car-bomb; Thai's primeminister just experienced one.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Steve B said:
P POP Spurline is from Lebanon in Philadelphia in the USA, same name different place

Close, actually it is nearer Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. It is about halfway from Harrisburg to Reading (pronounced REDing)


Registered Member
Staff member
Well just to get back into things I went to the basement and took a picture. Then I come back to post and see all those great pictures, so now I'll present my very humble offering. Hard to take a picture when you haven't done anything for ages. So trying to think of something I haven't posted before, :eek: I opened a drawer and dusted off some boxes and had an idea. The CB&CNS didn't exist in the steam era, so my justification is it's my road and I'll run anything I want :D
At the start the CB&CNS needed some heavy power to handle the grades and set about searching some good used locos. The first of these was 2-10-4 surplus to Santa Fe seen here about to cross the trestle :rolleyes:

Cheers Willis
It's a long weekend....so just in time. Last week, my mum told me that I wasn't allowed to take any MRR pics after I finished this roll, so naturally....the rest of the roll was MRR pics, basically. I got a P2K GN GP20 (without sound) and it was the subject of quite a few photos. Here are most of them...including one okay one that I wanted to show off my RS-10.






This is not a very commonly photographed view because it's the Scenic, Masonite and Pacific at the moment....but at least it shows the mine complex a bit.

I recently added a dome car to the regular passenger train, so I thought that was worthy of a photo.

Next, the most extensive photo I've ever taken. A coal drag, an interchange, and, including two units in the new 'Action Red' paint scheme, fresh out of the paint shop, a high-priority manifest wait on the three arrival/departure/assembly tracks of the Cornerville yard while The Canadian, detouring due to a landslide detours.

That wass weekend. Photo. FUN!


Some NS action here in Bucyrus and a W&LE train rolls through town.Yup,another busy cloudy day..I did manage to get these pictures between rain showers.I saw a total of 15 trains in 4 hours.:D






Finally, I grabbed a moment and came over here to have a look.
Fantastic posts! You guys are on a roll this weekend with excellent photos.


Southern Railway lives on
Brakie said:
Some NS action here in Bucyrus and a W&LE train rolls through town.Yup,another busy cloudy day..I did manage to get these pictures between rain showers.I saw a total of 15 trains in 4 hours.:D




I looked up that Wheeling and Lake Erie engine and that turns out to be a GP35:eek: that doesn't have the normal type of trucks on it. Do you know what type they are? They look like a Alco


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