WEEKEND PHOTO fun 20-21-22 July

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Steve B


Give it your best stots everyone
It was pointed out that I was missing signs the world has gone Health and safety mad so, I browsed the net and got as many thumbnails as I could put them all on a Word document. printed them on card and applied double sided sticky tape on the back. Cut to size and stick on. Graffiti to follow

I have the word document if anyone wants a copy to print there own.



And the observant will notice the guy stood with his mobile phone has been sacked for breaking the rules !!


Heh, the "mobile phone will cause fuel fumes to explode" myth...

Thats the same response the little Plastic guy gave when he was kicked off site. Unfortunaley the boss is a jobsworth and said "the sign says no phones"

All service stations have no phone signs and I could never work out how a phone could cause a big enough spark to ignite a spark ?



Diesel Detail Freak
All service stations have no phone signs and I could never work out how a phone could cause a big enough spark to ignite a spark ?

It's 100% myth. Mythbusters tried it & failed to get a spark, and I've used my phone many of a time around fuel, and I'm still here. You need a good wool sweater, or need to be moving around allot in you car seat to get enough static electricity to spark it too. Thats why you're supposed to close your car door when fueling, so your hand touching the metal "bonds", or in more common terms, equalizes the static charge between you & the car.
Ive been trying to work out how to make the bridge that runs into the backscene look half decent, then yesterday I had a flash of inspiration I had a browse through some of the photos of the prototype I was using as a reference points. A bit of work on coral draw and here are the results ???



I guess I need to darken the 3D road in the front to get it to match.

My next thought is what about printing out the original windows and sticking them into the rebates ...................



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Wow, you guys make this tough! I can't say that this is or is not my "best shot", but it's my newest.

Like the cement works Tom.
Is it the camera angle Selector or is that loco working hard up a gradient ?

After success with my road bridge back picture my new best friend (HP Printer) has inspired me to sort the dreaded window frames, all 28 of them. I didnt fancy all that plastic strip and then painting them.

Youngest offspring woke me early this morning so I spent an hour on Coral draw and came up with card printouts of the windows.


Then after putting a strip of double sided tape behind them I cut them out and stuck them in.



The doors are more traditional plastic painted.

Trip to the model shop

Well knowing my better half is away next week I went to the model shop to buy a card kit for some low relief terrace housing. When I got there Tim the owner pointed out he had just received a batch of 8 sound equiped class 20 locos and 4 had already been spoken for. Clever move as he knew I had come close to buying one before.

So Home I came with a card kit, some uhu glue...............and a new loco.....:D

Here we go then, make sure the cat isnt asleep on the speakers before you press play !!!!


At a very noisey TMD


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John, the track is actually descending across the bridge and over to the yard. The apex of the grade and curve is near the middle of the third passenger car. Below is another photo of the same area with a slightly different vantage point...and another PRR favourite, the J1. This wider and photoshopped view tells the story.




Diesel Detail Freak
Nice pics guys! I'll try to get something online today, I've been quite busy this past week updating my shop, so that when I start releasing the resin kits, I'll have a decent place to sell them.

grove den

naturally natural trees
updating N modules

Very nice work and progress John!
Great pictures Tom, Selector J1!
About mrr I am ( a tiny bit) back again....;)
In August, 3 members of our mrrclub will have meeting in the north of our country and they want to use 2 old modules of a bridge crossing the river Maas . They asked to "update" these 2 modules . They weren't at the mrrscenesstandards of today so last week I started this small project. Hope to finish it within 2 weeks..
I will add a small cafeehouse/snackbar at the right top plus a terras to have the vissitors a beautiful view of the bridge and the river Maas...
Started too to make some willows in N scale ...



Running the MC & Buffalo
Nice shots and work guys ! Josh here's one for you fill a gas can on the bed of a truck and watch if it sparks a fire . Not a myth !!

Steve B

Always enjoy your pictures Crandell
John HOWES can re program the 20 chip with more authentic class 20 sounds, it's not expensive and it's very very worth it, my friends had his done and there is no comparison to the Bachmann set up
Jos nice work Jos, you are a fantastic modeler


Nice work with the printer John. An inexpensive and easy way to make windows. I'll have to remember that.

Beautiful photo Crandell.

Nice MP15 Tom. I have one of those painted for my own railway.

I haven't had any time to work on my own model railroad, but I have been working on my club's new layout. I just finished track plans for an open pit limestone mine and a large portland cement plant.

Pic 1: My Atlas MP15DC painted for my freelance SouthWestern Ontario RR
Pic 2: This is the track plan I designed for the cement plant on my club's new layout
Pic 3: This is the track plan for the Limestone Quarry I designed.
Pic 4: This is the basic track plan for the new layout my club is building. It is roughly 38' x 46'


Go make something!
Once again, great photos all! Here is my contibution.

A year or two ago, I asked about how the prototype might go about upgrading a main track and adding a siding. Here at Myra, a rail line was railbanked instead of being scrapped. Later a coal mine started loading on the main track, no trains were using it anyway. Later through mergers it became a viable option but now the main had a coal loadout straddling it so a new main was built to the side. Here are the upgraded bridges. They might be done in a couple more years.....

I have a degree in geology but don't know how to make rocks. What do you think of the ones in the background?
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CP, that is one heck of a layout! I've never seen a layout with 5 peninsulas before! Can't wait to see pictures...

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