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Hi everyone! I am having a major issue trying to find transformers here in the USA that will run Faller models. I currently have two Faller models that I am searching for a power supply for.

The first one is Faller #140433 Karussell Dschungel Train. It has one motor that makes the ride turn in a circle. It uses a 12 - 16v 60ma motor. I'm looking for a variable transformer so that we can slow and speed it up. Do you have any idea what the best power adapter for this would be?

The other model is Faller # 140418 Geisterbahn Daemonium which I am building now. This takes five identical motors which take 5v each according to the directions. These motors will all attach to a circuit board.


Does anyone have any idea what transformers I need for this? And do I need one for all five motors? Any help would be soooooo appreciated here. The electrical aspect of this project is the toughest part for me.

Thanks so much!
Don S.
Cascades Park


Gomez Addams
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Probably the best option would be to find a transistorized model train power pack. They operate at 0-12vdc, are reversible, and the control is a potentiometer, which will allow very fine motor control.

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USB is 5 volt. Should be lots of phone chargers at the thrift store you could get for 5 volts of power. Don't know how much power (milliamps) they need to put out for these motors.

Looking at that model, it looks to me like all five motors are physically independent, so no they should not all need a separate power supply. Issue combining them is once again finding a large enough (current output) to power them all.

I guess you could hook them all in series and look for a 24v supply. A 24V supply should be pretty easy to find. As I recall some of the X-box 360 accessories used 24V power supplies. They should be showing up at thrift stores also.


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Hi Don -

According to the Faller website, the #140433 Karussell Dschungel Train requires 12-16 V AC (not DC). So be sure you look for a AC power source.

For the # 140418 Geisterbahn Daemonium, the Faller site recommends their 180641 Transformer. It has outputs of 16 VAC, 12 VDC, and 5VDC. It appears that this transformer might be intended for both of your models, but the AC output is fixed at 16 VAC, so it would not provide the variable AC voltage you want for the #140433. Also, I believe this transformer requires an input voltage of 230 VAC. I don't know if they make a similar transformer for the 120 VAC market.

Good luck!

- Jeff

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