Update: Price lowered... Estate sale of HO scale engines, cars, scenery, buildings, track


Hi, I am helping my girl friend with selling a family collection of HO scale train equipment. The lot includes 19 engines in original box, many new/unused; 9 engines without box; 19 rolling stock in box, many unassembled; 17 rolling stock unboxed; new boxes of track, scenic landscape, buildings, mines and two new, unused power packs. Most are AT&SF logos and Athearn manuf. I admit that I have no real idea of the actual value, my GF is wanting 800 for the entire lot but this is an OBO sale. We would prefer to sell as one lot for ease of shipping but will consider offers on single pieces. Shipping will be actual cost to your location by carrier of your choice. I will post as many pictures as allowed here, please feel free to request better detail pics or any questions. The list of items:
Boxed Engines:
Athearn Alco PA-1 Santa Fe flywheel drive Passenger Diesel Red/Silver, unassembled
Athearn Santa Fe #2063, new in box
Athearn Santa Fe #3571, Box
Athearn Santa Fe Red/Silver passenger engine, box tender car and baggage car matching items
Athearn Santa Fe #3814, Box
Athearn Santa Fe #2232, Box
AHM Santa Fe #1001, box
3 Athearn Santa Fe #1762, Box
Athearn Santa Fe #8731 new in box
Athearn Santa Fe no number, new in box
Athearn Burlington Northern #9760, box
Athearn Santa Fe no number Silver/Red passenger engine, same as BN above
Athearn Santa Fe #2418, box

Non boxed engines:
2 identical Union Pacific, no number
Santa Fe #2654 with tender car
Santa Fe #6682
2 Burlington Northern green/black #9760 #4355
2 Burlington Northern Red/Silver #5828 #4301
Illinois Central Golf #1102

Athearn Boxed rolling stock
Burlington Northern Caboose, new in box
Santa Fe passenger car, black, box
baggage car (?) black, new box
Santa Fe Silver/ red, baggage (?) box edit... AHM brand
Phillips 66 tank car unassembled
Great Northern Box car, unassembled
Cudahy Refridgerated car line, unassembled
AT&SF El Capitan Box car, unassembled
AT&SF yellow box car, unassembled
AT&SF Box car, unassembled
AT&SF box car, box
AT&SF The Chief box car unassembled
AT&SF flat bed car
Texico tank car, unassembled
Yellow Rail Box, unassembled
AT&SF Hopper and flat bed in same box
Southern Pacific lumber (?) car
Brown box car, box

17 misc cars, no box
Muir Models unbuilt wood Tonopah Silver mine
Bachman scenic classics Vegetable garden landscape and Greenhouse
& Garden, unassembled in boxes
4 new boxes Bachman plug in wiring track, curves and straight
Misc small packs of cars, construction equip, Street lights and more
2 power packs new in box

I have tried to make this list as accurate as possible however, it is after 2am here and I may have made a mistake or two, I will check and review tomorrow for accuracy and edit if necessary. Thank you for your time reading my post and not laughing at my lack of knowledge about the details. Again, please ask any questions you may have, I will do my best to give you accurate information.
Edit... 2:17am I maxed out my ten allowed images. Will send pics by request, Thanks, Phred
Edit... Saturday 10:55pm I learned how to spell Athearn, but now it is flagged for spelling lol Also fixed spelling errors.
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I learned that the first two are F7A and F7B, still not positive what the third car is but my old mind came up with baggage car so that works for me till someone tells me better.
Hello TrainNut.... My apologies for not replying sooner, I've been trying to move for the last couple weeks and it has been an ordeal. They say the close moves are the worst and I can vouch for that. The two properties are close enough that I could almost throw a ball between them, so it has been endless tiny trips squeezed between work and house repairs and fixing my suddenly broke down car. Someday this too shall pass lol
Anyway, I ramble, (probably lack of sleep lol) Did you visit the local train show? If your still interested in the engines send me an offer. My girlfriend is wanting to get the trains sold so is more willing to consider offers on single pieces. The two Santa Fe engines you mentioned are new and have been in storage for years, I think it's time to let them roll.
Thanks for the response. I am considering the collection.
Hi Mike, I appreciate you consideration, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.. I will answer as best as my limited knowledge allows!

About a weekend ago we set up a short oval track and tested several of the engines. Several engines were a little rough at first but recovered with some simple wheel cleaning. I have some videos and additional pics from the testing that I will try to post in the next day or two, I just need to get my phone and computer to get along as well as some time off to do it. i am expecting a shorter day tomorrow so I will make it a priority.
Again, thanks for your interest.
Some new photos and videos. I am, as you can see, not very good at this ... please don't laugh too hard.

I can not load short videos it seems, both of the photos I attached were supposed to also have a video of the engine on my test track. The MP4 files do not appear in the folder when I try to attach them to this post. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong please give me some guidance or simple instructions. Thanks and sorry for not getting this correct.

The forum doesn't allow direct hosting of videos. If you want to post links to videos, you'll need to use a video hosting service like Youtube, and post links here to the videos you upload there.