Union Railroad Of Oregon FMC Boxcar


I, Aggro...
This is what happens when you combine drybrushing, hand painting, stippling, airbrushing and washes.




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Aggro, thanks for showing this - I took the opportunity to read up on this unique railroad in my neck of the woods. I do wonder if any of the cars lasted long enough in this paint job to look that bad though:
"[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular] The railroad was one of the many shortline railroads that took advantage of the incentive per diem boxcar craze of the late 1970's. The railroad contracted for 50 of these cars in 1979. The cars were painted a light lime green and had the railroad's logo (a beaver cutting down a pine tree set inside a circle) painted on each car. These boxcars were all turned back to the lessor by 1986, who transferred the cars to the Burlington Northern."[/FONT]
Wow very interesting on the fact that this little RR had 50 of these cars...

Anyways....Aggro! Nice job! I also took time to review your posted link to your other photos. Very impressive and inspiring. I notice a pic of a little boy who seems to really really like trains too! Your son? I will bet he will learn the trade from you on being an awesome MRR! I also enjoyed looking at your steamers, very realistic work of art! I really liked the UP steamer!:D
Much better marketing. You'll see. You'll be happy with the results.

(Psst--Make your logo bigger.)

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