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Its train-room cleaning time again.

I take advantage of regular train-room cleaning to empty all the junk that I have accumulated in my Odds-and-Ends bin. This morning I managed to fill a [green] garbage bag!! :eek: As in the past I put aside some bits-and-pieces for anyone who would like them. Be forewarn: to me this is JUNK. I have no use for it. Mostly pieces left-over from kits etc.. But if you are handy and good at scratch building, there might be something in it for you.

I don’t have an inventory and don't intend to make one, but you’ll find:

20 metal wheel set (plastic axle)
Bits and pieces of bridge
Bits and pieces of styrene
Building parts (windows, doors etc..)

I have done this in the past and I would like to emphasize that this give-away is for people who can actually used this stuff and who are not millionaires. I know of one “package of odds-and-ends” that I have sent that ended-up in the garbage:mad: . This is not the intention behind this. If you can use some of it: good. If you can’t: don’t ask for it.



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Whatcha asking for all the bits, the bridge, the styrene, and the building parts? I'll leave the wheels to Rainman...


Diesel Detail Freak
Rainman, if you want it you can take it, if not, I'll take it, and you can have the wheels when if gets here.


Long Winded Old Fart
Can you imagine 45 years of saving bits & pieces. This train show/swap meet season I've got to git rid of a lot of stuff. I've contacted the clubs that put on train shows & they told me they would make space for me. I've probably got enough stuff(craft), old couplers, windows, doors, plastic panels, steel track, modular track, brass track, old switches, cheap freight cars, cheap passenger cars, cheap engines, unfinished buildings, finished buildings(I'll never use), bridge parts, tunnel parts, & lots more. I'll take the money I hope I'll make & buy some modern engines. I'm going to need at least 2 eight foot tables & maybe 3. It doesn't take long to accumalate stuff that you think you need & it sits in the bins for 40 years. I think it's time to shed a ton of junk. If you live in south Fla. & go to the Ft.Myers train show right after Thanksgiving, stop by my tables & buy some of my junk.



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We are in a train club thats working on a 30x32 ft layout of The East Broad Top and PRR in the 50's. If anyone else has some items they want to part with ,we could use the help. We have to scratch build as alot of the buildings we need are not availible, so we kitbash alot. Scenics also needed! Thanks!!
I'll try and post some pictures soon of our progress so far.


Diesel Detail Freak
Its amazing isn't it!? So far my "scrap bin" consists of sawn up locomotives & freight cars, no "big ticket" items yet, I separate mine as I go, I have a box oc couplers, a box of usable parts, like sprues & stuff from the sprues, and then a box of "cut" parts, basicaly usable parts that I've taken a bit from, like sawed down ladders, and lastly the scrap bin. I'm going to have to find a much better storage bin solution though, so I can get this all in one place.

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