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Central Phoenix Railroad
Hello all,
I have two steam locomotives I really want to decal with my own lettering, which is Levittown & Massapequa, for those who don't know, my railroads name. Really, I have no idea at all how to remove them! I really don't want to scratch 'cause I don't have an airbrush, and spraypainting may not look to well. So, is there a way I can remove this decals without scratching?:confused:


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There's a gel solution on eBay quite ofetn that I've heard really works like it says, just search "decal remover", it should come up.


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Different manufacturers use different paint/ink for lettering, and many have even changed their paint formulation over the years, so in order to best answer the question, manufacturer and approximate age would be good information to have.


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Levittown & Massapequa
:confused: HuH! Chris what happened to Cranberry Creek Logging and Mining?
Anyway back to the topic, Ryan has raised a valid point. There are removers that will take the decal off and removers that will take the decals and also a patch of paint off with it depending the manufacturers of each.



As RCH, brought up: Some are not decals, but paint. I have been able to remove some painted decals with 91% alcohol, but I still usually get some other paint with it. I hate to say it, but be prepared to repaint the loco or do a heck of a lot of weathering...just in case.


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I've actually "scraped" the paint off with a spoon as it was neither too sharp or to blunt. I just took te edge and push/pulled it over the silk screen transfer. I did this to a Bachmann and a BLI.



Central Phoenix Railroad
Woops, I let this thread slip by!!! Thanks alot guys! Now that I have an airbrush I am really not to worried anymore. Thank you for the advice.


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I've redecaled 2 steamers, and I just painted over the old railroad name with spray paint. You have to look really close to tell where I painted.

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