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Well, I have two out of 3 of my 2X4 sections completed.

I have been working on a couple of buildings while I figure out the layout. Finished up the weathering on a factory. Scratch built the little loading ramp.


Sorry Big Dog,
Plenty to do at the moment on mine. Just finished the last 2X4ft section, foamed and painted.

Now to get serious on a track plan and finish up the design.


Yikes! You did get jacked.
Ah heck I'm sure it was not intended and it happens sometimes. What'cha got new going on? I've been meaning to ask if you used Walthers Modular sets for your buildings?


Okay, :confused: I don't know why my post got Jacked by (f1_indy2000).

Create a new one for yourself.

I am sorry, I didn't realize I was hijacking your thread. The subject basically states started, so I thought that being meant that whomever was building something could post their stuff here. Now that I know that I will just start my own and you can have your thread back.


No big deal f1_indy2000, just makes it easier to keep up with the threads. Great looking bench work so far.

RexHea, the buildings are from Design Preservation. I have just bought some wall modules from Walther's, I plan on kit bashing & scratch building a lot on the layout. Hate to say it but there are way to many layouts out there with the same buildings. Nothing wrong with that, I am used to designing military dioramas and love the challenge.

Trying my hand at mold making and plaster design. Trying to cut my own N scale bricks in some plaster. I want my own design in the street tracks & some of my own buildings. Going to be a long.... process.

I'll keep the thread updated as things progress.
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In Training Down Under.
Nice buildings HD, something I'm really lacking in! Did you see the printout ones that SteveB posted recently??



Nice buildings HD, something I'm really lacking in! Did you see the printout ones that SteveB posted recently??


Thank you, yes I did see them, looks pretty cool.

Right now I'm using VISIO to draw up some walls, then photo etch to brass and try making some molds.


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I'm not sure where you are going with this. I remember the plan a lot differently and in my mind you had most of the issues sol-ved.

The part I really don't understand now is the part that used to be staging. IT no longer makes sense to me either as a yard or staging. As a yard, you can't see it behind the backdrop and you have to make switchback moves to get cars into it.

You would be much better served by making that whole area staging to attatch to your main. That will give you the most operational bang for the buck. Without it you loose your rest of the world destinations.

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