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Admitting I'm new to the site and probably overlooking the obvious answer, is there a link to the sponsors?
Its going to be hard to support them if I don't know who they are.:confused:


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Not a silly question at all. The "sponsors" mentioned in the header bar are the advertisers whose ads appear at the top of the screen. All you have to do to support them is to click on the ads. Bob gets a penny or three for each hit.

Other ways to support the forums are to use the links to the Railroad Bookstore, Model RR Books, Railroad Links, Tourist RR Links, Railroad Bookstore, and Model RR Books. All of those produce commissions for the flrums.


> Other ways to support the forums are to use the
> links to the Railroad Bookstore, Model RR Books,

Those two do indeed make money, if folks buy a book there. You pay the same price, purchase the books directly from Amazon, so the transaction is secure and you get Amazon's gaurantee. The only difference is that if you get there via the bookstore links I get a small commission on the sale.

> Railroad Links, Tourist RR Links

Sorry, no revenue there. Those are simply other sites I operate.


Roger Hensley said:
But there are no ads at the top of the screen. I can understand Pink Floyd's question.

Are you able to see the links at the very top of the page, above where it says "please help the forum by visiting our sponsors"? I hope so... That's the only ads you'll find. If you EVER see a popup ad from this site, you'd better scan your machine for adware/spyware, as we do NOT have them. We don't believe in flashing banners, and those "Congratulations you're our 1 millionth visitor, you've won a free Ipod / Laptop / Xbox 360 / Ferrari / New House" We think our guests are too smart to fall for that load of male bovine agricultural byproduct. Speaking of "male" we don't run those ads (you know the ones I mean) either...

The only ads we do have are the google ads. By the way, just to make it clear, I get paid for you clicking on the ad link. It doesn't matter if you spend $100 or nothing, I get about 5 or 10 cents, it varies from ad to ad, when you click.

Granted, 10 cents may not seem like a lot. But if 50 of you were to click on a link you find interesting each day, that would work out to about $150 per month, which would help me pay for this place. So please, if you see an interesting ad, click on it.

</ end pledge week mode>
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"Clicker" ready to go!

Thanks for the info on what the results are when we "click" on a link.
It is easy for me to explore some of these sites from here and know I'm helping keep the forum solvent.
You might mention how we "newbees" can help on occasion.
Off to Click I go.....:D

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