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Afternoon fellers. I hope everyone is doing well. Rough and I mean rough start to my morning today. Found out my dad went to the hospital with an illness. Not covid but a bacterial infection. He is getting released later today but this morning it was still very much unknown. Then ofcourse my work truck decided today was the day to let the starter go out. It's a company truck so I'm not out of any money. Plus side is I got to work from home for the first part of my shift. So replaced the starter in the heat which wasnt as bad as I had thought it would be. In the world of trains. I got two of my GP30s done up with new athearn gears. Good lubrication job done and a good wheel cleaning. Every one of those locomotives has broken axle gears. Installed the shells with upgraded kadee couplers. Gave the two a good run. Not as noisy as I had figured they would be. However my C&O unit has something rubbing on the shell. It kinda jerks going around the layout and the audible rub noise is heard while it is going through the curves. So I'll have to remove the shell to investigate. Recieved a new chessie caboose today as well. An atlas model. Looks pretty good I must say. Better than my blue box models. Well that's all I have for now. I'll try to check in later.


Same Ol' Buzzard

what year? There are 10 from 2010 tp 2014 on and another 64 total back into the 90’s.

OK, I misunderstood Greg's question. I thought he meant run thru or borrowed power. Since UP has a line from Chicago to Duluth (through Milwaukee) and another one from Milwaukee to Minneapolis/St Paul; there are most likely many SP units in the UP trains.

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Evening All,

We have power! :) Today I got a lot accomplished on the layout. I finished the plywood on the right pier and peninsula. I also put one more sheet on the left pier. I have 2 4x4 pieces left, so I will need to get 1 more sheet (total of 7 sheets). Hopefully I will finish the plywood tomorrow.

Last night both grandsons (and 3 friends) got in serious trouble with the police. They decided to try to break into cars (unlocked) and got caught on video. Of course all the kids were supposed to be in bed. The owners didn't want to press charges so they weren't arrested. Stupid damn kids. They did no property damage.

Thank you for the likes yesterday.

TomO- The dumpster looks very good. Great layout shot.

Greg- That sounds like a real pain in the butt. Not surprised about AAA, although I was surprised how the sheriff's dept. responded.

James- Nice catch.

Joe- Nice looking loco and interesting photo.

Willie- Nice photos of the motive power. I would definitely put fascia on that portion of the layout.

Sherrel- Did I read that right that you're going to be moving out of CA?


I hope everyone has a good night.


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Good evening: Did not get a chance to get my hair cut. Tomorrow! Meanwhile, I put gas in the truck for the first time since February 27.

Today, I ran the B&O GP30, the length of the completed portion of the railroad. (45') I was able to run at 4.6 Scale MPH which consumed 9 minutes and 40 seconds. This replicated an earlier run, which I didn't time. There were no stalls and the locomotive was virtually silent, in contrast with the grunts and groans of the previous day. In all, I am very satisfied with the results.

Bunker: Welcome to the Forums.

Curt: Hope the grandsons learned their lesson. The plywood on top of the benchwork looks great. won't be long before you are putting track down.

Is there a tunnel to the left- or right?
Sherrel: No but there is a big bridge crossing the Rappahannock that you can fall off of... Plus plenty of CSX, VRE and Amtrak trains to run you over, while chasing the Roadrunner...just that the climate is a little less arid.

RDG # 6 RDCs stop at Valley Forge 6-18-1979.jpg

Reading Train #6, from the Coal Region enroute to Philadelphia, makes it's stop at Valley Forge Park, (formerly Valley Forge), in 1979.

Empty off Popes Creek 8-17-1990 for Benning.jpg

Empty Hoppers coming off the Popes Creek Secondary at Bowie, MD, enroute to Benning yard in SE DC...August 1990


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Sherrel- Did I read that right that you're going to be moving out of CA?
CURT - I dream about it pretty often, but -sigh - not as long as the MIL is still with us.
I just hope that at that time I still have enough where-with-all to do much about it!

I hope the police put the fear of God in those kids? My son and another kid did somewhat the same when I was in Saudi Arabia. It was in a gated compound, but the local police got their attention.
He walked a pretty straight line after that!


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Morning all,

Supposed to be partly sunny today with a high of 88*. Humidity supposed to make it feel like 95-99* pop up rain showers today as well. I appreciate the cooler weather though.

Nothing on the trains today. Big plans in my head don't always get on the layout....

Welcome to the coffee shop Bunker. Sit down and have a cup with the rest of us.


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Howdy ....

I'm happy with all of my Atlas locomotives. Classic or the older yellow box Kato.

Some of you might recall the eye surgery I was going to have in the winter was postponed. Next, it was delayed becasue of the virus shut down. ... It is now scheduled for this Monday for one eye and the following Monday for the other eye. It will be done in Nashville. It certainly is needed after waiting this long.
[B ]Garry:[/B] Glad to hear got your surgery has been rescheduled. The damn virus Asher cause a lot of frustration for many people and I think needlessly so.

Make sure your immune system is built up enough before you go in !


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Afternoon All,

Went to put the first piece of plywood down this morning and decided I didn't want to mess with it today! I ran downtown and visited with some MRR friends. Speaking of friends, my buddy Tom gave me a completed FSM coaling tower and associated sand house free of charge for my layout. I need to repair a guardrail one one side but other than that it's as it should be. Tom has been building FSM kits for decades. I'll start on the plywood tomorrow.

Willie- Christmas in July! Great looking locos. You don't see all the boxes under the layout in my pictures.

TomO- Nice scenes.

Sherrel- Thank you. I have the Atlas black box RS1 in Pennsy (of course). I am 99.9% sure it has a Kato drive. All my stuff is buried now to be able to quickly check. It's a heavy unit, nice details and runs great.

Joe- Nice photos.

View attachment 115551

View attachment 115552

I hope everyone has a good night.
Curt: I have always liked George Selliois's, Fine Scale Miniature kits. Lots of detail and highly detailed castings.

Both look great and will be perfect additions to your new lay out !
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