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Gomez Addams
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Afternoon all,

Must be a full moon out...The crazy tickets are coming out...Couple of tickets that want their assigned vehicles maintained. Not a help desk issue, you need to call the fleet guys at Public Works. Let me get you their number... 🤣

First day back after a Monday holiday is still a Monday.
You aren't alone. If you don't believe me, keep an eye on the "Forum help" section here...


Alien Attitude.
Morning all,

Currently 34° with winds from the north gusting to 30mph. Expected high for today has already been hit as temps should be falling into the low 20's by evening with a low tomorrow of 8°. At least we'll have some degrees...

You aren't alone. If you don't believe me, keep an eye on the "Forum help" section here...

I was a moderator for car site years ago...I remember the silliness there. I can only imagine...

Jaz avalley

Station cat
@Jaz avalley Do those double deck busses tip over often? The sure look top heavy.
only if the driver leaves the roadway, you do seriously have to pay attention to low bridge signs, and as someone who travelled to school on them on a regular basis up stairs front with foot rest - well not officially lol, most comfortable and best view. Up front back seat cozy for two usually occupied by a boy and girl necking.Downstairs first few seats are a bench style,but often a large spot for pushchairs,plus with no door you can jump in and out when moving slowly, so get off at a non official stop, also hang onto the handle and lean out was a favourite with the ticket collector, my friend and I would give our school bags to a Nate then run the distance to our stop a mile and a bit away saving bus fare as we did not get passes. They were much more fun. Accidents are rare but yes for reasons usually stupid they could go over incidents were rare.
If you Google ‘on the buses; an old sitcom, well worth a laugh pc correct not so much lol, you can see sone high jinks in action


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Full moon and Mercury is in retrograde.

My wife used to work in hospitals... there is definitely something about the full moon for the crazy stuff. She was out of hospital before I learned of Mercury's path through the sky. So... you never know.
I used to work in Consumer Collections. Full moon days had the collection staff not wanting to make the calls. Those calls while tough I image to receive where pretty tough on the collectors too. On full moon the screaming back by consumers seemed much more frequent and intensivified. All calls were recorded and most of the “training calls“ were pulled from FM days as we called them. Those training calls lost us many people thinking collections was just a phone call and a sit down easy job. Our best collectors, former consumers who were at one time on the wrong side of the call.



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Good morning global modelers. Wisconsin is embarking today and into the next 3-4 days into dangerously low wind chill numbers. When you start hitting -20 to -35f wind chill that is seriously bad. That‘s where we will be this afternoon and on. Not looking forward to being cooped up by the weather.

Sold a few weathered pulp cars and some gondolas with custom loads yesterday. With the gondolas gone, I may not need the scrap/recycling facility and I may have found my area for a small engine terminal. After 8 hours at least in the train room yesterday, today I will be baking branches and creating pulp loads.



Curse You, Red Baron!
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I thought California disallowed that?
Out of State friend ... that way = no paper trace here!

Mornig folks ... supposed to be 66F for a high today - we are at 56F this moment.

FLO, going to need a large coffee to get me going today - had a three hour HOA meeting last evening.
Why I let someone talk me into a board position - I must have been drunk?
On top of that I just did not sleep well!
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Ugh - - got the booster yesterday. Nurse said most people are feeling no ill effects. I got hit really hard by the 2d; and apparently I ain't 'most people.' Reaction kicked in about 7pm and I was in bed by 8. Better this morning but not full-speed. Hopefully by the afternoon or evening I will be up for the wiring work I want to do.

Jaz avalley

Station cat
We are also planning a sun rising over the water on a timed device, the other nutter thought of this and has convinced me it can do it, and the edge of the seaside shops hotels and yes the amusement arcades and even the big max, the whole the kit the caboodle

historically Blackpoolhad 2
railway stations, and the trams.and the water feature.
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"retired" conductor
Good morning gang!

Gorgeous full moon driving home last night, really lit up the countryside. Of course, we did have a few strange calls yesterday at the shop, but nothing bad. Just goofy.

Steve. I can relate, the booster got me good, but the next day I was fine. This too shall pass.

Out of State friend ... that way = no paper trace here!
Now you've done it, the ATF will be at your door in the a.m. Remember, loose lips sink ships!


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Currently clear and 50°. That is the high for today! The 30 mph winds that Patrick is experiencing will be here in another hour or so and temperature will steadily drop to 20° overnight. Temperature will bounce around between 15° and 45° until Sunday when it returns to the 60's. 0% chance of any precipitation in the next ten days. This is the La Niña effect on our weather, warmer and drier than normal. While the next few days are rather cool, it is well within the norms. The past few days with afternoon highs in the 70's, while somewhat common, are above average in temperature. There's been a lot more of them than normal lately.

Ordered the free Covid tests yesterday. Found out this morning that they're only sending one per household and it will take over two weeks!?!?

Thanks to the many fellow members who commented on or liked my scenes yesterday; Karl, Hughie, Chad, Gary, Sherrel, OB Ken, Curt, Jaz, Patrick, Dave B, Smudge, Louis, Rick, Tom, Tom O.

i was rather productive out in the train shed yesterday for a change. I started by ballasting a small sections of track on the recently completed factory spurs and part of an unfinished switch on the spur for the transload facility.

This is a warm-up before doing the more difficult part with the operating mechanism.
I spent much more time cutting out and applying signs to the Antiques Barn.


Those represent license plates on the LH barn door. Most of the signs are cardstock and took some time to cut out. The end walls have decals. I'll spray it with another round of dull coat next and then lightly weather it

George -
the DA said, we have to many mentally ill people living on the streets. Remember in 1984 you closed all the mental hospitals? Am I missing something here?
Yes you are missing something here. Although you are correct. It's what happened when a combination of cost accountants and social activists decided to "mainstream" folks who should have been cared for in facilities like mental hospitals. It happened here in Texas earlier in the late 60's and early 70's. It now turns out that the cost of crime and homelessness is costing more and these folks are not getting the needed care that they deserve.
Guy getting the ticket for a faulty brake light, but I think that quota is playing a large part as well.
Sherrel - Boy! What I wouldn't give for nine hours sleep with only one trip to the loo! That's at least a triple shot here for me.
Dave B - While I don't remember that particular picture, I do remember your last layout. Thanks for the returned memories. It reminds me that I need to dig around for my Swift's cardstock model and possibly find a place for it on the current layout.
Curt- I like your progress on the REA structure.
Joe - UP admits that they have been having that problem in LA for a while, but it hasn't been costing them much of the billions that they earn. But it must be finally getting to them as they are increasing the RR police presence in the area. I pity the lawbreakers who start ripping open a shipment of Cologuard returns.
Troy - Regarding the men pictured in the trackside photo, I fully agree that they are not illegals. We have a lot of illegals here in Texas and they all prefer to live under the radar.

Everybody have a great day! Stay safe.


Beach Bum
Good morning. 33° with mixed sun and clouds, going to 47° This time tomorrow, accumulating snowfall, and declining temperatures. Of course, I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow. :rolleyes: Today, we are going to drive over towards the Ocean, just to get out of the house for now.

Spent a lot of time in the train room yesterday, I ran several operations scenarios, switching every industry, and making up several transfer runs. While doing this, I was looking at what improvements I could make to the existing layout. For instance, a city street, that could be moved 6" to the right of its existing ROW. Never noticed this flaw until last night. Considering this portion of the layout has been in place since 2016....I am not very observant.

PC 4906 with Westbound passing Overbrook July 1970.jpg

July 1970 WB PC passenger train, either #33 the Juniata to Pittsburgh, or #23, the Manhattan Limited to Chicago, passing Overbrook Tower. FWIW, Walthers makes a model of that tower in HO.


Beach Bum
UP admits that they have been having that problem in LA for a while, but it hasn't been costing them much of the billions that they earn. But it must be finally getting to them as they are increasing the RR police presence in the area.
Willie: Most likely, they are pulling them out of other areas, as a show of force, a reaction to bad publicity. Doesn't do much good, if you round up all the perpetrators, and the Prosecutor, releases them and chides you for bothering them with insignificant (non life threatening) crimes. Frustrating, but it is what it is...


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Guns... I think Lynyrd Skynyrd summed that up for me.

Booster shots, my 31 year old daughter was in bed the next day with flu like symptoms.
My 89 year old Mom had no ill effects. When I called to check on her she was cleaning her apartment, feeling fine.
My Wife worked in the morning, but suffered with a head ache and fatigue for the best part of the next afternoon.
Me, I seemed ok I worked early in the morning, slept on the couch for a few hours in the afternoon, nothing unusual for me.

I finally set up my $50/month T-Mobile 5G home internet. So far no complaints from my grandson playing online with his gaming computer. As my wife and I streamed a 4k video.
I ran Comcast's online speed test and it was downloading at 306mb, 56mb faster than my Comcast connection! Upload speeds were almost equal.
Looks like my long, expensive relationship with Comcast is about to end.

Other than clearing a few things of my to-do list, yesterday was a day off.

Have a great day Everybody!
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