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Good morning ..

Ken D&J .... Your layout photos are very impressive. ...

Willie ....... Nice looking grain elevator and farm supply building. .. I like the flat car loads, too.

Everybody.... Thanks for commenting on the Erie Builts... Actually, they do have a problem with losing power. I just cleaned the wheels very well so that's not it. I believe the leads to the trucks have poor connections. They have the cheap Chinese connectors. I'll try to explain what I mean. There are small metal tabs with a hole to insert a wire. A small plastic clip slips over the tab to secure the wire. Nothing is soldered at the factory. Of course, disassembling trucks is like solving a complex Chinese puzzle, and I hope I need not take them apart. ... (I don't know when I will get around to it. Nice wether is here. We were on the boat yesterday, and bet we go out on it today too.)


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Hey Everybody!

I'm sorry I've been AWOL and I haven't keep up with all that has been going on, just not enough productive hours in my days. I hope and pray Everybody has been doing well, you guys are important to me.

I'm doing great! My health has retuned to normal, my version of normal that is, thank God. I'm working with Amazon, I'm still working around the house and coaching little league, the boys are playing well.

Speaking of little league, the bad news; we only scored 1 run in the last 2 games. The good news; we won one of them. Not that I care much about wining, I care more about sportsmanship and effort. Despite what we see in our world today, integrity matters, God is watching, I always keep in mind that you can't keep secrets from God.

As far as the house goes, I get one project crossed off the list and add two more to it. I think that is standard procedure for many new home owners. Not to mention the yard work now that spring is here. Oh well, I thank God I have the energy and strength to do something.

"Do your best and let God take care of the rest"

God Bless Us Everyone!


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Chet, cv63 is all the sounds.
There are individual cv settings, but it's kind of complicated for a dcc novice. You would need to set another cv, I think cv32, to 1 first, then the individual volume cv second. I can check my Atlas/loksound chart tonight when I get home, if all you want to do is turn down the engine volume.


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No Athearn work this morning. After almost an hour I got my Bronco to finally start. Pulled it into the garage and it's ready to be worked on.....again. Probably will start with the front end work first. New core support and support bushings. New shocks and work the headlight wiring. I have a bad ground somewhere and it keeps messing up the headlights. Fun fun fun!


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Willie: Here's a slide in scenic land form built on dense will be located between the main line and a branch line to Saxeville. Ground foam will be added to the front edge of the foam. There's a wooded hill behind it and some details in front so it will look more dense once its located on the layout. I since straighten out the leaning evergreen tree.



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Afternoon All,

Finished the platform today:cool: and added stairs for it. Tomorrow I have been volunteered again to help inventory books in the library so nothing MRR related tomorrow. Waiting for a call so I can drive up to Deland again to pickup our repaired pool pump.

VA Ken- Interesting build photos.

Willie- Nice structures and loads.

Garry- I had a similar issue with a different loco and my buddy Jon soldered the wires and the problem was fixed.

Louis- Good to hear from you and I'm glad things are going well for you.

Greg- Nice job on the layout insert.




I hope everyone has a good night.

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WOW! That guy knew what he was doing with that! Got nice and outside work gets in the way of the layout, no problem, it's not going anywhere and neither am I.

Hope all is well with all of y'all.

Happy Rolling!


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Willie - Yeah, that was what I found on the Tichy website. then looked on MBKlein and saw they carried the same thing but currently out of stock. Just a dollar difference so I'll order from Tichy.


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Greg@mnrr. I noticed your deletion is recoverable (I'm looking at it now). I discovered when doing a deletion myself, that the forum gives you 2 options now, this recoverable or restorable delete and a permanent one. To do a permanent one, it looks like you have to go through the process again.


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Greg@mnrr. I noticed your deletion is recoverable (I'm looking at it now). I discovered when doing a deletion myself, that the forum gives you 2 options now, this recoverable or restorable delete and a permanent one. To do a permanent one, it looks like you have to go through the process again.
Having closed the site and then reopening, I see the deletion notice is back, but it has "show' tacked on the end, click that and you can see the original post again.


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Good Morning from Lafayette, LA, where its 67 going towards 90 today.
Should reach my cousins ranch north of Lake Charles shortly after noon.
Maybe he will give me a job to pay for some of this gasoline?
Here's a rail pic for today ....
BlackRiver 04 (Large).jpg
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Good morning everyone. Not much activity here in the coffee shop yet this morning. huh? Say, Flo, I'll have a big cuppa coffee and a Boston Cream doughnut, thanks. 70 and clearing here in SW MO, after an overnight downpour - about 1/2 inch in the gauge. Will hit 86 this afternoon.

Well, not much to report from the train room - just keep pluggin' away at the big town, laying parking lots and trying out different configurations of buildings. Signs for buildings - that's driving me batty. Can't get a decent "look."

Well, have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning. 63° and partly cloudy. Looks like our weather pattern is going to be 63° - 90° for the next ten days, a full 10° above average for this time of year. Must be that damn volcano. Good news from the colonoscopy doctor yesterday, all benign. So while I'm still dying, it's just not any time soon. Dropped $200 on pool chemicals yesterday, in preparation for opening next week. Parts of the garden are not liking this hot weather and reduced yield is now expected from spinach and peas. I have already removed all of the broccoli and most of the lettuce plants which don't like hot weather either.
Mow, mow, mow the yard
Happily all the way.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Wasting my life away.

Out in the train shed yesterday, I did run some trains over the recently ballasted track. That led to running more trains. I did manage to add roof details to two structures while I have them off the layout. One of them also got the sign and figures added to it's attached sidewalk. Doing some other minor improvement work on both of them as well. On a third structure, a Merchant's Row I building cluster, I did some more window treatments. In the town area itself, I painted an asphalt alleyway prior to re-installing the buildings. While all of this is going on, I am sprucing up a few "cheapo" vehicles that will be a part of this area, painting mirrors, trim, headlights and taillights, adding license plates and drivers.
Thanks to all for the comments on the latest round of pictures, Greg, Chet, Garry, Curt and anyone else that I may have missed.

Greg - Thanks for your feedback on the Super Trees. I feel the same way about both straight trunks and the matte strengthening the tree. Once planted on my layout, they will not be handled often if at all. I like your idea of the removeable scenery, I may be able to use that concept in some far to reach corners.
Chet - Appropriate flat car loads can be tricky. Your idea for the bus is excellent though. I'l post a few more pictures of some of mine to give you some ideas and inspiration.
This one is a Roundhouse bulkhead flat car with a pipe load made from soda straws (from Racetrack). The strapping was leftover from a Jaegar kit and the spacers and positioning wedges are made from some brand of ties, maybe Kappler? In the background are structures (l-r) from Downtown Deco, DPM and Walther's.
05-05-18 019.JPG

This one is a load of aluminum billet for extrusion/fabricating (ladders, levels, window frames etc.). The flat car is an old Athearn blue box.
05-05-18 021.JPG

Louis - Thanks for checking in and updating us on your state of being. Good that your health has stabilized and that you are happy with the new home and the job. Good luck with the baseball coaching.
Curt - Nice progress on the deck.
Sherrel - Not sure how long you'll be in Lafayette, LA, but there is a great Cajun restaurant four miles north of IH10, on IH49 called Prejean's.
I've eaten there several times and the food is great. Continue to have a safe trip.

Here's a couple more pictures. First is "Betty's Diner", another laser-cut kit by Bar Mills, it is "Sweaty Betty's" to them. I made some minor modifications and made the BBQ sign because it is more appropriate to my locale.
05-02-18 017.JPG

Lastly for today is another flat car load. The lumber load came from Jaegar and the car is another Athearn blue box.
05-05-18 026.JPG

Everybody have a great day.



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Good morning. Another beautiful day. 45 to start the day off with the expected high in the mid 70's again.

Been working on getting the yard and lawn cleaned up from what blew in over the winter and just getting things ready for summer. Hopefuly will have that chore done in a few days.

Garry - I think you'll enjoy the time out on the boat more that trying to figure out the Chinese puzzle. Rotsa ruck guy.

- Good to see you in again. Was wondering how you were doing and you answered that question. Ahh, the joys of home ownership. The kids had a 500 average now for the last 2 games. Not bad.

Greg - Those are some fine looking trees, nice job.

- An excellent job on the decking. Looks outstanding.

Ken D&J
- How many days ??????????

Sherrel - Nice shot. Enjoy the visit.

Willie - I really like the flat car loads. We have a guy at the club who really can crank out excellent loads. I'll see if I can get some photos. He won't be at the club this Saturday, but he usually leaves his equipment at the club. I haven't decided yet if I am going to go to the club or stay home and watch the NASCAR race at Kansas City Saturday night. Really do like that diner. Excellent.

I haven't seen the train room in well over a week with all of the outside work I have been trying to catch up with. Hoping to get down there for a while over the weekend.

Here's a rail photo for today.




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Good Morning everyone...rainy in Wisconsin. Off to the MD office for a visit and then a pizza lunch.

Lots of progress yesterday on the layout, mostly odds and ends. Like Willie I made a pipe load for a con from straws from Culver's.

Layout work will slow now that summer as arrived and I spend my summers at the cabin with only a coupe days at home. Watched a Gerry Leone video wire utility poles using Easy Line.

Thanks for the heads up.

Last of the cabinet parts arrived. The Mrs. is worried about the project and the details, but not me, I supervisor retail construction as part of my profession and everything works out in the end.

New Milwaukee Road paint job in the photo? Those Super Trees are fun to make and once set up a lot of trees can be made in a short time.

That's all for now.




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Good news, GREG! Nothing "broke" in your post! You get a rest from "repairs" for a change.

Nice loads, Willie! Your last photo failed to show? I like the diner scene - the car with the large white sidewalls is "the cat's meow". Thanks for the restraunt tip - maybe next time we this way - I'll make a note of it

CHET - Luv the snow plow without the plow.

CURT - Nice work on the decking.

gotta run and shower up, clean up the RV, and repack the support equipment.
Great stopping point at the "Frog City RV Park" - arrived after the manager had gone home and the assigned spot kept "popping" the 30 amp CB - had to pack up and move 50 feet -- the manager this morning apologised for the trouble and would NOT charge us. I tried to force money on her, but she would not hear of it! Good People!

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
Three more work days and a morning show up to turn in my credentials, passes, secret decoder ring, cyanide pills and laptop.
Really slow here today as the boss doesn't want me to start anything that I can't wrap up by next week.
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