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Section Hand
Good Morning Everyone......windy and mild here in this part of Wisconsin.

The big news was a large brush fire yesterday near our home in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin that required equipment from 36 departments from six counties and the DNR to fight the fire. It was report at round 2:45 PM and under control at 8:00 PM. It burned along the CP mainline and a train is blamed as the cause of the fire. Many homes were evacuated along the fire's path. This is largely a wooded and marshy area with homes built on the edges of this area.

We could smell and see the smoke from the fire from our home. I plan on driving to the site later today.


This was the site of major derailment last year by a CP train.

All of Wisconsin is under a "High Danger" fire condition with it being so dry and windy.

Watched "Railroad Alaska" this morning and it's an interesting series on the Alaska Railroad and the people who live along the trains' route.

Family Day today and looks like no trains again!!! 😥

That's about all for now.




Aka. Gary Russell
Happy Easter Weekend everyone ! Wish you all the best.
Only 30 minutes running trains this morning as I had errands to run first thing. I had to get the chain saw out and haul a big old spruce tree into the woods that fell in the wind storm the other night. Tomorrow will start dragging some maple out of the shop as I have to build a bed. Will start sorting that project tomorrow.
Three guys from our club continued to progress our Sunshine Foundation Charity layout build today. They finished laying 4 turnouts that finally showed up and progressed a little more ballasting, trackwork is almost all laid. Landscaping is continuing around the bridge and looks pretty darn good in my humble opinion. Hopefully I can help add the last bit of water on Tuesday when we go again. Here are some pics and I hope you all have a great weekend !


Gomez Addams
Staff member
I copied this from my report on Fecesbook:

Today, they got Marie up, and had her sit in a chair for a couple of hours. She's pretty tired after that, but it's progress. She's still having issues with the bacterial infection, but is on heap powerful antibiotics for that.
Progress from this point will be incremental, and not exciting, but I'll continue providing updates for the duration.


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Howdy ...

I just decided not to include MLB on my list of things to do this summer.

Jaz .... Your Dobermans look so much better without cropped ears and docked tails. A Sasquatch would be an interesting item to include on a layout.

Phil .... I'm glad you and Curt are in contact. Maybe, he will have something you can tell us about.

Willie .... Mikey's Mattress Manufacturing looks good.

Everybody ...... Have a good night.
CURT spends most days at his folks home. When I spoke to him today he was there.
Garry passed on your message and told him all here had the family in their prayers. He appreciates all the prayers and kind thoughts.
Wish all a goodnight and pleasant dreams


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So. three days ago, the wife got her second Pfizer jab.

She had a sore arm for two days.

36 hours ago I got my second jab. Six hours later, body aches, head aches, low grade fever. Yay! my shot worked.

Felt good enough to head out for burger with the wife for lunch today. The restaurant was sparsely attended, with extra plexi barriers between the tables, so we felt mostly safe eating out. First jab should have us up to 80%ish immunity.

While sitting there, the cotton fluffies invaded my brain. By the time we got home, the aches were back. I wasn't tired, so I finished up a writing project. from 3pm on today, I've been in the recliner, dozing off and on. Aches, low grade fever and chills and headache have all been cycling through.

It's like bootcamp for my immune system. My body is going to be ready to kick some viral arse! (I hope).

At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Can't believe all my wife got was two days of a sore arm


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Happy Easter. Here it's cloudy and 59° but only going up to 71° due to the clouds. NWS is still predicting 80°+ beginning on Tuesday for a week or so. I finally got the last few straggling tomato plants into the ground yesterday, that's 42 of them total. I've been picking lettuce and arugula for about two weeks, and radishes started yesterday. Meanwhile out of the herb garden in the pots on the back porch, I picked a whole bunch of Italian Parsley that is now hanging up to dry. Some will be used this morning as I am already preparing my infamous Italian Pasta Salad to take to my daughter's home for Easter lunch. It was a special request made with gluten-free pasta, multi-colored bell pepper varieties, cubed-up Mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, black olives, red onion, grape tomatoes, grated Parmesan, various spices and homemade Italian dressing. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Hello Flo. For me the traditional Easter morning breakfast is Eggs Benedict with a Mimosa to sip on. I still remember my Mom in the kitchen making eight portions of it for Dad and all of us as kids. All of the time, Dad was hovering over her to "assure" that she poached the eggs right. That's one reason that his was first, to get him out of the kitchen. It was the only day of the year that we ate breakfast in the formal dining room. And yes! He read the newspaper while eating Sunday morning breakfast.

Thanks for the likes and other comments regarding the layout scenery progress yesterday; Troy, Hughie, Karl, Tom O, Guy, Justin, Jaz, Sherrel.

I did not visit the train shed yesterday, and I will not visit today unless we get home early. So there is nothing new to report. I am a bit busy now, so no more pictures for a few days Guy!:(

Guy - No complaints here regarding the pictures of the real thing. I can no longer get close-up shots of equipment for modeling purposes. I can railfan from very close if needed, but the trains are all moving at 50 mph along the main line. The gondola yesterday was excellent; that's one railcar type that hasn't changed at all since going to metal 75 years ago.
Troy - Too bad about the vaccine reaction. Wife and I were fortunate; not only were we able to go together to get our shots on the same days, all we had were sore shoulders typical of any other vaccine. It was a 50 mile round trip entirely within our county.

Again, Happy Easter everyone. Have a safe and joyous day.


Living in Dreamland; not the Dream
A good Easter Morning Sunday to all.
The G-kids had the big Easter egg hunt here the other day, and the wife is gone for overtime work. So, I get to be all alone on this raining and 31°F day. I'm hoping the phone dosen't ring.

I drilled a 1" hole into a dead limb of a backyard tree earlier in the winter, and hollowed it out a little bit. Now, I see the Black-cap Chickadee's are inspecting it for a possible nesting site. I'm happy about that; I was trying for either wrens or chickadee's. - The Barn Swallow boxes have already been taken over by House Sparrows, so I'm expecting a bird battle coming up when the swallows return from migration. The Swallows have raised families in those boxes for the past 20 years, and they don't much like intruders.

Don't have many good photos to share this day. Just because I have to lay down a photo, though, here's a couple showing an acid railcar and the Track-mobile that moves the tankers to the trans-loader:
TILX 111395_03-30-2021.jpg


I took those shots the other day during my walk. It wasn't possible to get good photos, as there were just too many people around to allow close-ups. They don't mind where I was walking, but, they don't like people crossing the tracks and getting to close to the trans-loader. I don't try for trouble, and wearing away my welcome. - As it is, they recognize and accept me as a non-trouble maker.

That's it for today! Have a good one!
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