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Gomez Addams
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Willie, I've used the clear plastic that comes on the boxes of HO equipment, so you can see the product as windows for structures and some rolling stock. It looks good, and is easy to cut to fit with nothing more than a good pair of scissors.


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Truth is this virus made me realize life is too short for dumb stuff. Politics aside you guys are some of the finest people I have ever encountered.

I was never somebody who spent much time socializing. Some have called me "antisocial", but that was not true, I was just too busy chasing the almighty dollar for most of my life and when I wasn't I was too sick to care.

This crisis got me thinking "I hope my train buddies are OK" then I thought "I can be an ass, why not just find out" so here I am! You guys accepted me when I was a novice just starting out, playing with my Lionel trains and I see you have no problem accepting me again.

God Bless you All!


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Englewood Union Station on Chicago's South Side where a W/B PRR psgr trn has just arrived from the East. After finishing its station work, the trn will x/o the ROCK and will complete its trip at Chicago Union Station in about 15 minutes. View looks east in this undated photo from John Kamacher (Wm Shapotkin Collection).


Same Ol' Buzzard
Willie, I've used the clear plastic that comes on the boxes of HO equipment, so you can see the product as windows for structures and some rolling stock. It looks good, and is easy to cut to fit with nothing more than a good pair of scissors.
Yes, the packaging on Atlas switches yields a lot of clear styrene. And gosh knows that I have saved a bunch of it and have used it before. I am just not ready to tackle that on this structure yet because I have so many other things going on right now. However I have recently started keeping a small notebook of deferred projects so I can remember them and return to them when I get into the mood. Now, where is that damn notebook?


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Good morning.

Sherrel, Boris, Johnny, Willie and anyone I missed .... Thanks for commenting on my grade crossing. .. Also, thank you to each who liked it. ... I will take pictures s I complete the one I am now working on.

WIllie .... You certainly are productive making buildings for your layout. The current project, a large industrial building looks like fun.

Louis .... Good to see your photos of trains especially the Pennsy E8 in Chicago.

We completed 30 days of "social distancing" yesterday. This is a good place to be a hermit, and we are doing well. It will be strange not going to church on Easter.

Everybody ..... Have a nice day.


Sprue-n-Glue Victim
Good Morning everyone, on this beautiful, sunny, -10C, bright and shining morning! Just having a coffee, while I tell you this story.

I did buy that Athearn Roundhouse RS3 that I had posted a picture of the other day. It was purchased online from my LHS, and I chose to use PayPal. I'm now thinking that was a big mistake!
Yesterday, the LHS called me and told me they could not complete the order because they could not ship to a US address. WHAT!!! All of a sudden, bells and whistles started going off in my head: I thought for sure a criminal scammer was at work.
I can tell you, evil thoughts entered into my head. I was prepared to spend the rest of the day finding him so I could stomp on his garden flowers and take his daughter out on a date, not to be brought home until the following morning.
Anyway, I wound up arranging a 'safer way to pay' with the LHS, so they could ship the model. Then I contacted PayPal and finally had everything resolved; although it was a difficult, merry-go-round, bunch of bullshit process. No one ever did tell me how an American address got on as my shipping address, when PayPal themselves only list my real, Canadian address.
I will not be using PayPal again, anytime soon.

Enough with the ranting! The day is too fine, and I can now look forward to receiving a new RS3 to look at; because I don't even have a layout yet. That's going to change, though.

Thankyou for all the likes on my simple posts in the past.

With big modelling plans for today (I'm alone today), I'm not going to spend a lot of time with my face planted in this screen. I do come back frequently, and read everything. So, Ill leave you with a photo of some local rail activity, and get on with business for now:
CN2987_02-13-2020 (2).JPG

All Have a Great Day!


Curse You, Red Baron!
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MORNING fellow shut-ins! Starting off at 46 going up to 68 they say (been missing a lot lately) with mostly cloudy.
With the all-day rain that we had yesterday - total rainfall has now exceeded 50% more than our average seasonal amount.
It looks as if the area will have warming, drying, and some sunshine going into the 70's for midweek.
I have enjoyed the rain, but I need a pause for the pups; they have cabin fever!

FLO - how about just some scrambled this morning with sausage links, grits and gravy, and wholewheat toast. A big glass of OJ to wash it down with. Thanks!


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Howdy y'all. Pleasant 68* , not expected to get into the 80"s . May get some light showers.
LOUIS-Did that "DELI" have sawdust on the floor and a pickle barrel you could choose from ? Reminded me of BROOKLYN and the lower east side.
Still praying for all Stay well and keep posting those pictures. {EXCEPT those eye hurting ones}


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thumbnail_FB_IMG_1584629895933.jpg Except that the temps in the 60's has changed to snow.

It was so nice to get out of the house the other day. Guess a lot of folks are also getting bored.

92564234_2963544453706207_823800041910042624_n.jpg Cabin Fever ????

Beady- You got me with the self portrait. I surrender.

Garry - The grade crossing are looking good. I have put off completing the last four I have on the layout.

Terry - Good idea with the sound decoder.

Joe - Nice picture of the Conrail units. Are you and Louis having a Conrail competition?

Willie - Interesting project. Like Terry mentioned I also keep any clear plastic that I think I might be able to use for window glazing plus I usually have some of the Evergreen clear glazing on hand.

Here's my railroad photo for today. Louis always has some interesting vintage photos so here goes.


Looks like a snow day for me so it down to the train room. Haven't been there for a while.



Section Hand
Good Afternoon.....sunny and mild here in Wisconsin.

Planning on removing a bunch of old cable Television cables and equipment from the days we had Spectrum. When ATT came to install their equipment they left my cabling since mist of it was above finished ceiling, but changed out the connectors to a better pieces of equipment. The old cable they left in place and in areas were they are exposed it looks messy.

Since my spools of wire arrive, I better mount the spools on my supply cart and remove the empty spools. The wire lugs I ordered are a little different than the ones I been using, but they will work just fine for most wiring jobs.

Today I'll finish three ore cars and try weathering the underside of one that is an extra.

I ordered a box car yesterday from the CAZID Railroad. Where is the was in Kentucky and I like box cars from different railroads.

Terry: I've used clear plastic on some of my Walter's background buildings and it works great.

Been watching the last Re-Hab series on Model Railroaders' Video Plus and it was interesting how Art Curren modeled structures and added details. Cody and David are Re-habing the Milwaukee Water front water scene on the MR&T. Interesting series so far. This morning I also watched Joe Fugate do a NMRA clinic on improving Kadee coupler operation. He showed some help tips on working with the #148 couplers.

Time to head to the train room.


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