RR Lanterns Anyone?

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While cleaning out may parents' house after the death of my father, we have come across several antique RR Lanterns. We had one estate seller who was interested in them, but who then flaked out on us about these and a whole other bunch of antiques. So now we're wrestling with the question of should we try and sell them ourselves or just toss them in the trash heap. :confused:

I checked the auction site, where people seem to think that complete and utter garbage is worth big bucks just because it might be considered "Rare," "Antique," or simply "Unique," and there are some listed for anywhere from the $30 to $400 range.

Should I bother wasting my time with listing them, or just keep the one(s) I like to hang around my model RR and junk the rest? Or is anyone here interested in having a little RR memorabilia hanging near their RR?

What would you do?


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If they look like these don't just throw them away I would think someone on here would want them


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I'll probably being going back to the house next weekend and will get some pictures then.
At least one of the lanterns is the wire framed lantern like the center one in Mike's pic above. The rest are the more like the two that flank it. At least one has red glass.

Once I get pictures, I'll post them up here and open the door to offers.

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If it were me, I'd keep the ones I wanted, and try and sell the rest. Some types are worth considerably more than other types, which is why the big price differences you may see in old R.R. lanterns. But even if they don't bring big bucks, someone will want them.
But whatever you do, don't throw them out in the trash. If you absolutely can't sell them, then offer them for free. I guarantee they will go quick at that price!


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If someone is selling they’re worth hundreds, if they’re buying just a couple bucks. That’s what I discovered.
When I was doing RR salvage I’d average between 100 and 200 depending of course on the type.
If they are the round globe type like in Mikes photos they are somewhere in that range.
The ones that are stamped with a RR logo go for more however.
They would look cool just hanging in the train room tho.
Oh, and sorry for your loss, I went thru that not long ago, my dad collected WW2 stuff.


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They are all really neat. But I don't know the first thing about them, so I don't know what they are worth. I've seen prices all over the place too. Makes it hard to know what a fair price is. I believe a fair price is fair to the buyer and seller both. I wouldn't mind having one or more for my train room.


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An interesting collection.
If it were me I would keep the ones I like and sell or donate the others.
Red glass ones are more desirable than clear glass ones.

As an aside. I have a red glass and a green glass ship's lanterns. Not valuable but very likeable amongst my ships' memorabilia.

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