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Looking to buy 1 or 2 old style Roco pad type cleaning cars. Don't even need the shells, ....just the frames and pads for some experimentation.

The bottoms would look like this
Roco pad car bottom.jpg


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Brian - While you are looking -- take a look at the "old" ULRICH track cleaning cars.
I had one - HA - 50 years ago - and it worked very nice. It has a felt pad which can be replaced with whatever type of material you want.

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There are some mechanical things about the Roco car I am looking least I thought there were.
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I've used all kinds of track cleaners. The Roco is pretty much a solid pad and will only clean perfectly flat track. Any undulation will cause dirty patches that the pad can't reach.
The best track cleaner I've found is the Woodland Scenic Dust Monkeys. The just clip to the axel of rolling stock and ride along the rail. Before and op session, I apply a drop of rail cleaner to each pad and let it run around the 6 1/2 scale miles of track a couple times then apply another drop. I'll run a couple trains in each direction to get the work done.



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Interesting, I was not familiar with those.

For just dusting, I imagine they work fine, but I wonder about any significant rubbing/cleaning?

I think some of the pads for Roco type cleaners can be pliant enough to reach all of the track surfaces.


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Walthers sells the replacement pads that fit those cars (931-1100). They also sell the whole car (931-1483). You can find them on ebay also.


replacing the harder ridgid pad with a more flexible one [like a felt pad] will make it a much better cleaner .. have you looked into 'gleaming' the rails yet, ?? it also does make quite a difference


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Just opened this thread. The Walther's car looks like it's exactly the same as the Rocco car.
09-18-20 008.JPG
09-18-20 010.JPG

So their replacement pads probably fit.
I am a firm believer in Dust Monkeys. No they are not abrasive like this pad, but for normal maintenance they work well. I have one on all 18 of my cabooses. If you need significant rubbing or cleaning on anything other than refurbished track, then you have other problems.

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