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Thanks to MikeGTW my paint booth got a much needed upgrade. Before it had a 20" box fan that would shoot the exhaust out of a window in the spare bedroom.
Now that we have a dedicated train room, I'm going to have it set in a permanent place. The exhaust motor Mike sent has a 2" fitting. After looking online at gas water heaters, I saw they use 2" PVC for the exhaust pipe.
So hear is the set up so far. I use 2 air filters before the blower motor, that way no wet paint ever gets through.


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Well now see you had it all figured out Mine is in my basement with a small squirral cage fan going to a dryer vent took a look at it thought about changing it to one of the furnace fans and got distracted and besides it looked like work


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Jerome nice project and it's what I'm working on right now. I have a 2 inch line attached to 5hp shop vac outside the house which I use to keep the place clean. I was thinking about just hooking the paint box exhaust up to that when painting. Do you think there would be any problem with that?


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George, Depending on the type of paints you are using I'd say. Anything that is flammable could cause an explosion hazard going through the vacuum which is not a sealed motor. You would still need to exhaust the fumes outside also. Using water based paints wouldn't cause any troubles though.

I base my opinion on 38 years working in the fuels industry. Everything we use is explosion proof and sealed. The gas water heater blower motor that Mike send me has a sealed blower unit separate from the motor. Exhausting gas fumes from the hot water heater still has some un-burned gases in it. Depending on the type of vacuum you have (wet/dry) would be a sealed unit. Hope that helps some.


Aurora & Portland Owner
wheeler, I think he's commenting on the redundancy of HOT water HEATER... if it's hot already, does it need a heater. Sounds like it's coming from the Department of Redundancy Department :D

Sorry, was reading it literally I guess. Dealing with idiots here at work this morning so my head isn't in a good place to catch humor I guess. But yes, I understand it now.

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