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As was suggested before, since the Super Chief is the center piece of the layout, it might be good starting with a passenger train schedule that run through. I assembled this schedule from Gallup NM for you. It was the closest place I could find schedules of all the trains for. Depending on your exact spot in Arizona you could adjust eastbound trains back about 4 hours and westbound trains up by the same and get something close to the prototype. I seem to recall the east and west bound San Francisco Chief and the Grand Canyon passed each other in Winslow.

train Name Gallup
4 California Limited 2:55
8 Fast Mail Express 3:07
24 Grand Canyon 4:25
20 Chief 5:55
7 Fast Mail Express 10:24
1 San Francisco Chief 11:25
18 Super Chief 11:27
22 El Capitan 11:27
3 California Limited 14:10
19 Chief 15:35
2 San Francisco Chief 17:10
17 Super Chief 19:02
21 El Capitan 19:02
23 Grand Canyon 23:30

Note the El Capitan always ran on the same schedule as the Super, so it was always about 10 minutes "late".
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Guys, would it be impurtinent to point out that this thread is been dead for a month and GC has not been here since.


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Gandy Dancer, Wolfgang and Bob;

Thank you for the info gents... I'll be sure to take a look at it. I appreciate your time and help greatly, every little bit helps greatly.

P.S. See Chip, GD was right I am back ;)



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Yeah, but what happened. Your e-mail was coming back as undeliverable for a while!


::whew:: Lets see.. where to begin? :confused:

Well we had a house flood :mad: However we lucked out and it resulted in only minor damage.. and none to the train room, by sheer luck
Then the OL came do very sick with a long running stomach virus and then came up allergic to aspertain which is in her diet drink. Took almost a month to figure that out and get her back to level health.. my poor girl :( she took it all like a champ.
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Needless to say it's been an "interesting" few months. :: chuckles::

and that is "what happened" :)

then came up allergic to aspertain which is in her diet drink. Took almost a month to figure that out and get her back to level health.
One doesn't have to be allergic to have health problems from that stuff. I'm guessing the long range health issues are just beginning to be discovered. I can't believe it ever got FDA approval. That is the first thing anyone dealing with my children is told, "Absolutely NO Aspertain a.k.a NutraSweet".


My bass fishing partner of some 20 years, is a retired Pathologist and he really got on me about using NutraSweet. He said it has "accummulative properties" that can really do a job on your grey matter. I dropped it's use years back, and will not use it. I hope your wife continues to improve...


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