OK the Weekends Here! What are you doing?


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Here's a spot to show what you are doing for your trains this week, for myself, yep I took the sabre saw to another part of the layout so's to be able get away from cookie cutter type construction limitations to be able to do realistic scenery :) (I hope!) Photos to follow! What are you doing?
Cheers Willis
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Bummer, 97! Do you get three days off after that?

I'm sifting dirt! There was some "overflow" when I ballasted my garden railway track, so I'm recovering what I can of the gravel that spilled over the raised terrace where the layout is, or migrated in the rain. There are several reasons why I'm bothering with this. First, it's hard to find the ballast material in the color I'm using, so I'm salvaging all I can. Second, I'm still tired from weeding and cleaning up the patio yesterday, so I need a dumb job that doesn't take much energy. I forget what the third reason is. Oh, yeah, I remember now. I have more time than brains. :rolleyes:
I've been listing lots of trains in my eBay store ...which you're probably tired of hearing about by now :D

I haven't been spending as much time on the forums lately because of that, but at least it's a job I enjoy! Sure beats flippin' burgers :D
I wish I had some trains to watch :D , guess I'll have to get some running on the layout. Hi Nate pretty good prices in your store too bad it's in N not much good to me
Cheers Willis
Oh, yeah, I remember now. I have more time than brains.
Me thinks the Lady doth protest too much :D, we all look for the easy jobs takes brains to pick out the best ones :D
Well here's a few pics on what I've accomplished so far. Too bad I don't have a before pic, but the sub roadbed going to the upper level was quite wide at the bottom in fact it butted up to the mainline sub roadbed and with the quick difference in heights made it difficult to make any scenery look realistic. I cut a strip off the upper road's plywood I think this is going to work this time. This is the third time I tore this area up, hope it's the last. I now have a sort of flat area, I'm not to sure of what I want to do with it but it would hold a few small buildings. Any ideas?
Cheers Willis
CBCNSfan said:
Hi Nate pretty good prices in your store too bad it's in N not much good to me
Cheers Willis
Thanks Willis! I was actually thinking the pictures were the weak point in my store, but I suppose they serve their purpose. Most of the stuff I have up now is HO scale...I have a couple N engines up too. I've got lots of HO stuff, including some engines, to come though...guess I should be doing that instead of sitting here typing this :D
Willis, do you want buildings or something a little different?
Hi mushroom2, I'm open to suggestion what do you have in mind? I'm having a problem visualizing buildings there anyway. They will fit but just don't turn my crank.
Cheers Willis
Last weekend I had to miss the 2 day train show 4 miles from my house. Yesterday, I found I could make it to the 1 day show 30 miles north. Spent most of the day browsing and gabbing. I'm still on the cheap, so came away with only 2 items. I bought a Microtrains TH&B double sheath boxcar I've wanted for 2 years, for 1/2 price. Also an Intermountain composite gon kit for only $9.
Today is a day of rest.


I was thinking a MOW area. Just sort of ballast the whole thing, run a short spur into there for some MOW eqipment parked. An old boxcar storage shed, maybe a small building as a headquarters. Maybe a blue flagged car in the spur. Some rail laying around, a stack of ties. Trucks with your railroad logo on them. You get the idea.
Don't know why I thought of that, but it's an idea.
Lady_Railfan said:
Bummer, 97! Do you get three days off after that?

My work schedule is always four days on and four days off.
Like anything else, it has pros and cons. :rolleyes:

I was thinking a MOW area.
Well that is definately a good idea, and I did some research on doing just that, layed out the track and all, however I'm a bit chicken about cutting into the main for a switch as the only area that could be utilized is right off a curve and will result in a dreaded "S" The problem in the area is it is 3 levels and the rise and fall is quite steep. I'll have to give it some more thought before I take the saw to it. Darn it I was all set to put some buildings in there and be satisfied ( maybe), now I'll never be happy with just that, it will be different, but maybe something without trackage.Any more ideas?

Sometimes you just need some wide open spaces. Green ones. With that large creek there (at least that's what the stone culvert looks like it is), that area surrounding the creek would be flood plain - unbuildable these days. Maybe some grazing livestock or a park?
How about a golf course? The course would extend out into the walkway so you could have a clubhouse, the 18th green and the #1 tee box. And on poor guy standing at the edge of the cliff (the walkway) looking down wondering where his ball went :D :D :D
You could turn it into a truck farm...
Certainly worth considering Claudia
With that large creek there (at least that's what the stone culvert looks like it is),
Hmmm! the culvert could also be a one lane road, more than big enough for an HO car, it could also be removed without problems.
Maybe some grazing livestock or a park?
A grazing area ( I have lots of livestock somewhere), There is no level spot on the mainline near that area however at the most level spot by the mainline I had planned a roadway (Hwy) into that area with an action crossing ( bells, lights, horns, gates the works) I kind of would like to keep that idea, it's pretty near the only place I can put it, so I have to have a reason for the Xing. The road into that area would also have to be a dead end. I'll take an overhead photo tonight. ( Lack of planning! that's how I get into these perdicaments) :D
Cheers Willis
Kept thinking about them cattle and truck farm and above the trestle I saw my farm buildings. The golf course would be kind of neat because there would be trees with the fairways or whatever. I don't know much about golf but for this I wouldn't have to. Anyway I stuck the farm bldgs on for a look, not too sure I like it though. The second pic shows the only place for a crossing
Cheers Willis