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Hey guys. I need some suggestions on what I should do with this area inside my wye. What would look good here? I’ve been looking at it all night. Can’t decide what I want to do. The building you see at the bottom of the photo is a placeholder for a yard tower. That’s all I have so far. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.


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There’s a spot like that south of here on the CNR.
Just a small pond with a few trees and a bunch of rail material like ties, rail, and otm.
You'll need a road in for the tower, would be a great space to show off some mow vehicles?


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A natural gas storage tank could also be a possibility. You do need a road in to the tower, which will need a grade crossing over one leg (maybe the righthand one of the wye). Would depend on where the access road comes from. Nothing fancy. Just the crossing itself with a couple of crossbucks to indicate there is a railroad.


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Similar to the proceeding suggestions, a MOW storage yard with an old converted boxcar on blocks for inside storage. Access road on the right leg would be the best since it's got the fewest tracks to cross. Maybe a jib crane along the straight leg at the top for loading stuff like ties and rail on to the MOW cars. Maybe add a short spur if that leg is to be used a lot.


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I bet the employees would like someplace to park and maybe eat their lunch. Thats usually whats in the middle of a wye. As already mentioned you probably want a tower or old station to control the traffic / blocks ( need someplace to put the dispatcher) . Radio tower next to the tower /station , so the dispatcher can talk to someone other than himself.

P.S. an old REA depot might be interesting. REA went out in '75
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Like said above, there is a parking lot here in Halifax where the rails diverge for the container terminal. Maybe a maintenance building thrown in.....


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Some great ideas! Definitely a road to the future tower. I like the idea the mow area. Lots to consider.

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