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Not to cast aspersions on any AA members, but I think I have a problem.

I can't stop buying freight car kits and building them. I like to build car kits more than I like to work on scenery or run my trains.

Part of the problem is that the turnouts that I built for my layout need some re-work to make them more reliable and I'm avoiding that work by building cars.

Just in the last four days I've bought three tank car kits and 6 box car kits. :) I just can't stop.


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I am up to 23 cars that I have yet to build or assemble. Then of course I have an expansion left to do on my bench work before I can start laying actual track. (I still have my temporary EZ snap track down that will have to come off) Then there is all that painting I gotta do sigh. Funny though I understand the kick though once you are in that mode or zone of doing one specific thing ya don't want to stop. I get that way for sure! I remember when I did an assembly line of locos installing DCC decoders then programming them all in on series/session and I did nothing else. Thus far my fleet is at a 40/60 split. 40% DCC 60% DC yet to be converted. Hope to increase that DCC threshold over 50% this winter as my layout progresses. As mentioned on my thread JRs UPPR I have @175 locos... So there's 70 locos or there abouts that have DCC. that's a lotta coin. I track it on JMRI and MiTrains.

So ya, hey you are in the zone! Keep building! Somebody's gotta do it! 😜 I enjoy seeing your acquisitions, updates and pictures of the rolling stock! Keep them coming!



Certified Great Northern Nut
I do find I get into "the zone" and want to do one thing over all the others. Unfortunately what often happens is I get out of the zone before I finish a project.

My 50's era garbage truck is sitting to the side about 50% done because I got out of that zone. And I haven't done the finishing work on Tylick Tool yet either.

Oh well, I'll get back to it. And sooner or later I'll figure out a way to make my turnouts work better.


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I have a related (?) problem: I have a few car kits that I have not put together because I have 63 years' worth of rolling stock and locomotives, and nowhere on my 14' x 14' folded dogbone layout to put them. I even have some sitting on one shelf of my library, plus more in the drawers! I originally thought my most recent purchases would be great for my grandkids to put together with me. Sadly, two are grown and have no interest, and neither does the third who just started high school! :( Neighbor kids might be interested whenever vaccines come out so we can get closer together than six feet.
Stay well and safe!

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