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Here's my fleet of locos....Most have been recently decaled and are either awaiting weathering and dullcoat or more MicroSol :)
I'm not a detail freak, I just like to have some decent representitave locomotives to run. (Note, I hate the Microscale orange)

Athearn SW1500 with some minor mods, awaiting weathering & dullcoat (GRS never had this one):

Atlas GP7 with a little weathering:

RailPower GP35 on Athearn frame & trucks:

Athearn GP38-2 backdated to GP38 (a project I did a long time ago as Maine Central GP38 #252, recently stripped and repainted):

Athearn GP40-2 backdated to GP40 (another older one)

Atlas GP40, slight weathering:

Atlas SD26, slight weathering (I love this loco):

RailPower SD45 on Athearn frame, awaiting fans among other things:

Athearn widebody SD45, with modified -2 cab and homemade high hood. Started out as 676 many years ago, but I renumbered it for my post 2000 fleet:

Lastly, a small ficticious Guilford subsidiary railroad, the Massachusetts Bay and Southern Maine. One of two SW1500s on its roster. I put SD9 handrails on the rear to compliment the illegal footboards, SD40-2 anticlimber up front, RPP cab numberboards contoured to fit the SW cab, and a DW snowplow, as this engine doubles as the MB&SMs only snow clearing machine:) :


Thanks Carl:)

That was actually Athearn GP40-2 lettered for Guilford 310 (IIRC). I was so upset at Athearns grey and orange she went right in the isopropyl alcohol. I was really looking forward to them releasing a high hood SD45 in Guilford colors until I got the GP40-2:(

Nice looking lineup, I really like them all but especially the GP40 #300.

Good work.


PanAm, well......ahem.......lets give 'em the benifit of the doubt:D I think Guilford's left too much bad taste among shippers, perhaps some will see the effort as a positive change. We all know where PanAm Airlines went, all but under, so would that not be like naming a state of the art cruise ship the Titanic?

I only model it because that's what I grew up around, watching freights roll through various places in Maine. Old Orchard Beach, out of Bangor, and switching the Woodland mill amongst others. That and I love the ex NS high hoods :) There's nothing better than going on vacation to the beach and having a hotel that borders the mainline. Just don't make the mistake of telling your girlfriend that's why you got the room. The Portland bound freights at 0100 will do wonders for a relationship when the line is 15 feet outside the hotelroom wall.

Very nice line-up. Seeing you model it, how do you feel about the Pan Am thing?
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Fleeing from Al
That GP-26 is definitely the coolest looking one of a nice fleet. I never did understand why Guilford bought the rights to the Pan Am name and logo in 1998. Pan Am was a spectacular failure as an airline and they've now switched name from a failure as a railroad to a failed airline. Maybe they'll restart Pan Am as an airline again next and crash and burn it all over again.


Thanks for all the compliments guys! I'm just getting back into the hobby after a few years, I know some areas still need work:)

UP2CSX, That's exactly how I feel about PanAM!

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