My famous, incredible and amazing layout !

Great videos! Looks like you need one more caboose.

Or you could take the one from the train being pulled by the diesel. That's what I would do because I'm too cheap to buy another caboose!

Thanks for sharing your work!
Looks like you need one more caboose.
Done ! I found it in my so-well stored stuff.


How did you come up with the idea ?
A long time ago my Dad (he passed away in 2001) gave me all these ideas. He was an electronics engineer.

can you show any type of electrical diagrams for both with maybe a picture of the controllers opened up?
Of course, I can do that ! The little controller use a LM317T and the big one a combination of two transistors: a 2N1711 and a 2N3055 (Hope I'm clear but I'm not really sure). Pics explain all better than me...

The little controller. The car bulb is a protection against the shorts.

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