Looking for info on various water effects...

Morning all,

I am trying to do some research on creating some realistic looking water effects. :confused:

- First I need to create a standing pond, fairly calm waters where some folks can go fishing.

- Second I also want to create a stream that appears to have some flow motion.

I've read about 2 part epoxies and using mirrors with apaint wash and I was wondering what you folks have modelled in the past and any info you might provide.

I have used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and silicone caulk to get this look:


I have a web article telling how I did it at:


I also have another article showing what didn't work :eek: :


Hope that helps :D
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Nice instructions and pictures...thanks for the link. That will work for my stream although it won't be as turbulant. I liked the use of the reddish paver gravel as your stream bed it looks great under the water. It will be a while before I am ready to do the water work but will post pictures when I do.