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Someone over at the Atlas N scale forum posted that question and I thought it was a good way to see what others use or are doing for themselves when it comes to doing those marathon sessions.

I myself have my layout set about 45" from floor to railhead. Since it's only me operating the layout, I tend to take a lot of time getting the daily grind done for the customers on my RR, normal session can last 3-6 hours depending on how heavy traffic is or if the power plant has a train coming in.

For comfort I have a nice leather office chair that puts me right at eye level with the layout, since it rolls I can move from side to side and reach almost 90% of all my turnouts and uncouple cars. I have used a step-stool type chair that puts me just a little higher but it doesn't seem as comfortable. I don't have a walk around throttle, but instead use an MRC Tech V 280 dual cab throttle. I plan on getting the MRC Prodigy Advanced DCC unit very soon, so maybe I will want to stand more?

What are others doing, what have you found to be good to use or not the way to do it?


Saskatoon railfan
I just walk around my 4x8 when the train is running. Too exited to sit down. After standing for a couple hours though, I sit down on an old chair who's back is broken. Parents wanted to throw it out, but I kept it.:p


X-CSX modeler
I also control my layout from a chair David, but some freinds choose to stand, and walk around as they shift cars. Mabey it is because I am very familiar with the opperation of my layout. It also helps to see the layout at a different perspective, My 2 cents!


WYSIWYG Photographer
Our club has the option of standing and walking aournd or sitting in director style chairs setup around the layout.


David, I walk around my layout to operate. I have a large layout, but the main reason is I designed the layout to be operated as an "Engineer control" type scenario. i.e., walk with your train as if you were in the cab, stop to allow brakeman to operate ground throws (other than mainline), wait for signals (someday soon), and etc...

Don't get me wrong, there are times when I'll go to the railfan mode... switch to loop operations, and just watch and whistle. For this...I sit;) :D


Coal Shoveler
I have an old office chair downstairs; that's what I sit on, so it does have height adjustability. I'm sitting when doing the roundy-round part of the operation, but stand when I'm switching the upper level. Need to be able to reach the couplers with the pick....

Right now, the layout is too low. But, since it's sitting on sawhorses, I'm going to try and raise it by replacing them. It's in two modules, so I can raise them one at a time....


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