john deere 4-8-8-4


ok who thinks the john deere big boy model was a great idea:confused:its friggen greeen oh my god
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I guess not me. It amazes me some of the items that are produced. I can't see people at a table thinking, " Yeah! Let's go into production, That's gonna sell!!" Now I know a lot of John Deere collectors will have one, but I don't see a big demand in the modelers field to want to see one on their layout. It's not something you see on the rails everyday, if ever! Kinda like the Harley, Nascar, Norman Rockwell, ect sets. They are great shelf trains for collectors that are into that thing, but for a serious modeler? I have a thrill show train and a Coke train as collectibles but they won't see my layout. But they are ok to some for special run thru trains. I just think there are allot more things out there that should be made that would sell allot more than this. Personally I like to see an affordable East Broad Top set in HO or HOn3 that I am sure would sell more than a John Deere Ltd. But that's just me! :)
If Athearn and Horizon make a quick buck selling collectible paint jobs on good models I'm all for it, as long as that money gets invested in making new models for Model Railroaders.
And you never know, if they don't sell you may be able to find a great engine at a bargain price. A little paint stripper and a fresh coat of paint... You could save a bundle!
Hey now, my $30 John Deere F59PHI's make a nice addition to my layout,when's that 4-8-8-4 going on sale!?
A bright side to the cheesy stuff, is that it gets sold at places like Wal-Mart for kids and gets them in the hobby whereas they wouldn't normally go to a hobby shop to buy a $50 locomotive.

I think these things have their place. They even have a place at my house, right into a tub of paint stripper. :D