Intercooler Piping on an EMD SW9



I'm modeling the BAR SW-9s in various stages in their existence on the BAR. I'm using the LL P2K units and custom painting them. There is one obvious detail about the P2K models that differs from the prototype… the intercooler piping and fuel tank are different. I think I could handle the fuel tank modifications, however building the piping by hand is proving difficult. Does anyone offer a detail part for the piping and/or fuel tank? See the attached photo for reference.
Welcome, bannho.

I don't think i have seen too many parts with piping like that around the new england stores, assuming you are in the area. You might have to get some wire and do a little bending to make something like that. Otherwise i might suggest a Walthers catalog to see if there is anything close enough to that to hopefully past muster.

Nice Photo.

Bob A.
Thanks Bob.

I figured it was a long shot to find a detail part like this. This piping and fuel tank arrangement doesn't seem very common, so I'd be surprised to find anything. But, it never hurts to ask.

I'll proceed with my custom work. I'll be sure to post my progress here.
Yes, would like to see the progress. I know, I did some modifications to a couple of B&M GP7's. Like steam generators an electical boxes on the ends. Took me the longest time to locate the parts.

See photo below.