HO Code 100 turnouts needed

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Appears as though I have 10 lefts
and 8 lefts



I have addition switch machines for those that are missing that I will include. BTW I very successfully utilized a capacitor discharge unit (home made) to operate groups (3-5) of these at a time.

How about 10 each including shipping.
Would love to, but have to budget first with the wife, she might get a little upset with an unexpected $200 purchase…. Was waiting to chat with her about this until I got a solid amount, will talk to her this evening after work… Thanks for taking the time for me, is appreciated😉


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My early layout with Atlas turnouts.

Its actually quite a big Atlas plan #29 called, The Central Midland. i documented over on this other forum after the original postings and photos disappeared from this older forum

It used all Atlas turnouts,...a lot of them smaller size versions

I'm not sure if you have thought about how you are going to control your turnouts, but I will give you an explaination of how I chose to do mine at that entry level time of mine.

The traditional Atlas turnout controls are NO longer utilized. Several capacitor-discharge units now power the turnouts when a zone button is pushed. There are toggle switches placed at each turnout location on the track plan diagrams, and their ‘handles’ are oriented so as to indicate the direction in which the track turnout is thrown. So choose the train’s route, throw all the applicable toggles to the desired direction, and then press the ‘zone button’ to activate the turnout operation.

I was just looking for some photos to help someone with Capacitive Discharge control of Atlas turnouts, and found these old images of mine I had used on this layout.

Electrical Control Panels
Just found some better images of those control panels I had for the turnout controls. Hopefully here you can see the toggle switch handles that point to the direction the turnout will be thrown,..then the 'zone buttons' that need to be pushed to activate the capacitive discharge units. Only a couple of those CD units were needed






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BTW, I would not have started such a big complicated layout for a first try, but I acquired this as an 'estate sale'

I bought this layout as just a bench work frame with sectional brass track. My ‘interim plan’ was to just clean up the brass track, smooth out its form, solder all the joints of the sectional track together to obtain some good electrical contact, and then run some trains.

I would then sell it off to another rr-fan and build my dream layout.

Alas, I drew more fond of its big versatility in a relatively small space, and developed a whole theme to pursue. Concurrently I realized that I would likely not have the time to start a new dream layout from scratch that would offer the enjoyment I was getting from tweaking this one, and running new trains I was still buying.

I subsequently sold this layout when I thought I moving to Thailand full time. I thought I would 'redocument' some of my thoughts and photos of this layout. I had done so on another forum about 8-9 years ago, but due to some safu or software change, all of the photos are now missing on that subject thread,..

.....thus this blog about a basically great little layout design,...and my renditions to it




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Just found a couple of subject threads on the Central Midland track plans on this forum.....just go to the search box above and put in "central midland"

BTW I was able to run some rather big steam and diesel engines on this 'very tight' layout plan.

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