Dullcote is my friend.

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The Name's Really Matt...
Saturday, in-between important college football games(I had forgotten about the "Third Saturday In October" game on CBS)I decided to bear the elements, take my chances, and Dullcote my old, old Front Range Chessie System 2 bay cement hopper(If Front Range isn't old enough, take the manufacturer they swallowed up. I mean this car is OLD for modern-era stuff. 10-15 years on it, probably.) I shot it with it, afraid of consequences. It turned out perfect. :) I then decided to finish up an old project of mine, and shot it with Dullcote.

I HIGHLY suggest you try Dullcote in a spray can. I've had the other stuff, and in my honest opinion, it does not give the results this does. Weathering my coal hopper fleet will be easy now. Black chalk inside and out, shot of Dullcote, paint grimy black on the trucks and wheelsets, and badda-bam! I'm finished. (Around here, coal hoppers have little rust to speak of.)

Dullcote is my FRIEND.:D

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
I'm always amazed at the effect of Dull Cote. It's a great product. When used on darker base colors, it's effect is amazing. Our new Stewart FT's had a shiny, plastic look to them. A shot of Dull Cote made them MUCH more realistic looking.

As everyone knows, Dull Cote is a great base for weathering chalk too.

BTW, after using the Krylon brand matte finish, I apprieciate genuine Testors Dull Cote even more.


The Name's Really Matt...
grande man said:
BTW, after using the Krylon brand matte finish, I apprieciate genuine Testors Dull Cote even more.
That Krylon stuff left a shiny finsih on one of my cars. I went straight out and bought Dullcote after that.


The Name's Really Matt...
Whoa, one effect I've learned!(This MAY not work for you, so don't say I told you about this!)I applied the Dullcote thick on a car, and it left that "hazy" look around the letters(As in faded, or oxidization of lettering to create faded/haze.)

This is great!


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Yep! Spray can is the way to go with the Dullcote, no messy clean up after, just let it dry.



Coal Shoveler
I've used the spray can Dullcote for years and years, going back to my wargaming days. The one thing I did was buy a good pistol grip type button pusher. This device clamps on top of the can, and the trigger pushes down on the spray button. It's easier on the hand to shoot short bursts with the extra leverage it gives you.

I have a couple of good ones, but haven't really found anything as good in a long time.



Dullcote? Love it. I use it for many things, but the one that really stood out was the spraying of my Bachman, green, Southern, 4-8-2. It came with the Saturday wax job look. Wow! I wish my truck had such a shine. Two coats of Dullcote and it dulled it down perfectly to a very realistic paint job. Took only minutes, excluding dry time. (You sure want to use it with ventilation unless you are a glue sniffer.:)

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
A word of caution for new Dull Cote users, tape windows off unless you want to have a "dirty" look to them.
I had some decals that kept fracturing along every possible line, I tried everything, soaking them longer, spraying them with dullcote, and then I stumbled upon the answer.
If your decals are cracking, give them a really good spraying of dullcote, then soak them in micro-sol (not water) and wait until you can slide them off the backing. Make sure both sides are thoroughly soaked! Be careful, as the decal is very soft at this point. Then apply normally.
Yea, dullcote rocks.


Lazy Daydreamer
grande man said:
A word of caution for new Dull Cote users, tape windows off unless you want to have a "dirty" look to them.
[#ditto] I use brush-on liquid masking gel (I think it's called "Micro-Mask"?] to protect my loco windows when I'm spraying paint OR dullcote.

I'm also a "Testors bigot" when it comes to dull coat - won't trust any other brand.


I, Aggro...
I've used Dullcote since 1990s. Awesome, awsome stuff. Holds powder better than any other matt finish.

That Krylon stuff is a joke when it comes to sealing cars. I always hear some people talk about it as an inexpensive alternative to dullcote. Bull spit. That crap doesn't come close. I tried it once and it left a almost glossy look over the reefer I was working on. : (

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