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Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Well we moved slower than in the past but we still have the new digs to take care of. Flo the place really looks great, you really have outdone yourself this time.


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
EVERYBODY was very well behaved in the last coffee shop including Chris. Lets us all keep up the good work.


Dr Frankendiesel
Well, it's official. My ankle is fractured. I could have told them that without looking. Still the best that can be done is to bind it up and keep the boot on it as a walking cast. I have to be able to change the dressing on the wound on the side of the ankle after all and I can't do that if they slap something more permanent on it. So once again it's my problem to take care of.Those docs are all heart aren't they?


"retired" conductor
Hmmmm, nice new place.
Shiny, new, smells nice even!!
I'll echo Larry's thoughts. including thanking Chris for no DMSF's!!!:D

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Wow, the new place is.....Clean!:) Way too clean!;) I'll be back later with my lucky bucket-O-fun!:D ....heheheheheheheheheeeeeee:p:eek:


All new now!
Hey hey, I found the place. I thought it was funny that the directions to the new place said " directions for everyone but Corey!" Gee, you guys sure are funny. I was beginning to think I smelled funny. You know, like Chris!:D

Since I'm here I may as well stay a while. I have some thinking to do on what I want for my backdrop behind Mankato. I know I should have thought of this earlier, but I didn't want to spend any money. The buildings in the city aren't really 'planted' because I couldn't decide what to do. My Mother had a thought for me. She has a friend who is a graphic artist and also an airbrush artist on the side. She thought that she would give him a call and see what he would charge to airbrush the backdrop. I would need to give him some references of what our city looked like sixty years ago, but the general profile of the bluffs haven't changed. She said that she would pay for it for my birthday. Man am I spoiled! I guess I'll have her give him a call and see what he would charge. If it's too much then I won't even bother. Nice birthday present huh? I think she feels bad for me with the baby stuff and all. As she knows, my spirits perk up with presents!:D

Have a good night everyone.


Gomez Addams
Staff member
good morning. It's raining (hard) and 57. Supposed to clear off later with the help of some 50mph winds.
Corey, I'm sorry to hear y'all aren't expecting, but there is an up side to this: You'll get to choose the kid you adopt, instead of taking what comes.
We're down to 3 weeks to moving day, and already one of my "moving assistants" is making noises about not helping. Of course, he did fall off a trailer and hurt his knee earlier this week. Looks like I'm going to be using "plan B", which is a pair of Rent-A-Bums for the heavy lifting. In the meantime, the trains are getting packed, I'll end up with about 3 locomotives and a dozen cars to "play with" after this weekend. I have to install a sound decoder in a club-owned GP38 Sunday, with any luck it'll not be a problem. It's one of the Atlas Master ones, with the built-in DCC board (which has bit the dust).


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Im ready for winter to be done. I want to fish, kayak, and ride the wheelers, not push the damn snowblower. My order of about 100 new jigs should arrive today, thatll just rub salt right in the wound.

Were supposed to go to lunch today, i think im going to cancel, i just dont feel like going anywheres. Then theres that essay i should probably start...

Corey- Sorry to hear the bad news.

Have a good one folks!


Hi all! My goodness, I like the digs Flo. A little on the fancy side, but I seeeee:eek: the girls still have the short uniforms on (pant!).

Been a very busy week with visit from Carey and a newbie in the hobby, DirectTV HD-DVR installation, and too many general running arounds. Last week we went camping with 70* days and low 50* nights. Man, it was just right for basking in the warm sun in daytime and cozying up around the camp fire at night.

One day, I walked over to the edge of the river and photographed a barge going by. Soon after, I noticed a bird in the far distance that had a flash of white on him. He flew around a few minutes in a cove and then started in my direction. Fortunately, I had my camera with me, as I soon realized it was a Bald Eagle. Using a 55-250mm zoom lens at full zoom, I started snapping away and managed to get a few shots (man, he is FAST! Forgot to set my servo mode:eek:)

Here are three shots I made: all of these are from a distance around 200-300 yards using the zoom; they have been cropped from the larger photo and made "web size". The middle one where he has his claws down was a total surprise. I thought he was going to just fly by and wasn't prepared for him to dive for a fish. I fumbled around trying to get the camera adjusted in my shaking hands...thus the out-of-focus...still cool though. Hope you enjoy the magnificence of our national bird. NOTICE the last photo with a fish in his claws .

may take a few seconds extra to open.
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Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Rex. It looks like we will be in your area sometime in the after June 19th. The family reunion will be in Selma June 25th and 26th. If any particular day/days work best for you let me know. Glendia is not thrilled about this part of the trip, she keeps asking me what am I going to do and I tell enjoy the ride and the camaraderie of some good people. She looks at me strangely, nothing unusual there, and rolls her eyes. Is there any shopping malls or something I can have for her to do?

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Hell to the No!.....Chris is not sitting outside, that wouldn't be a very good Idea!

BTW: Spring is here!

Rex great shots!


In Training Down Under.
Evening all!!

Not sure if you've seen the news, we had a 6.3 mag earthquake last Tuesday, only around 1km deep and a few kms from the CBD, looks like around 1/3 of the buildings will have be demo'd.

My family and home are all good, the east side of town was hardest hit.

So just thought I'd say Hi.

Cheers, Ken

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
On a serious note, I start my second job today!:eek::) I need some prayers fer me to be able to have the strength to maintain twin jobs!:eek:
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