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"retired" conductor
Hey Gang!
Just droppin in for a quick bite. Been really busy trying to assemble those 3 brass caboose kits I started 6 or 7 years ago. Why now?
A long list of projects that I really want to do is waiting, but I've decided if I don't get the cabooses out of the way, I'll never get em done!:eek:
So the brass Baldwin DRS 4-1500 can wait for paint & decoder, the brass CB&Q Gp35 waits for a decoder also. 3 Gp9s wait for chop noses, sound decoders and paint, and a certain 1/24th scale 1969 Mustang is also in line. This also doesnt include 3 large Rubbermaid tubs of structure kits to be built.
The cabooses come 1st!:D

Also my buddy that is the local layout planning wizard came by and we measured the rooms for the new layout. After reviewing my "givens & druthers" and laying out a rough plan on graph paper, he's off to do "that voodoo that he does so well".:D I should have a workable plan in a few weeks, complete with a list of materials. I can then figure out structure placements and sidings later.
Why not do it myself??? I've tried Cadrail, the Atlas software and others. Pure disasters!:eek:
I'm better off with the old Crayola planning software. :eek::rolleyes:

Better put my magnifiers back on, 2 are ready for paint, the 3rd just needs grabs, ladders and railings made and installed!
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Hi all!
Finally got the chimney sweep over to clean/inspect after our chimney fire last week. Well, he didn't have to take a minute before declaring the liner tile cracked all the way up and got me to look at how bad it was. That means a $4800 repair putting in a new liner. What they do is breakup the terracotta tile inside the chimney and then insert a special stainless steel pipe, forcing mortar all around the outer surface. A new SS smoke box is also installed. Fortunately, it looks like my insurance will cover it all...except the $1000 deductible:(.

The wife had been suffering for a week trying to get rid of a kidney stone, but to no good. Today, she had to have it broken up by a laser. Although a bit sore, said she feels great when considering how bad it was before the procedure.

Been spending time in the depot finally getting caught up on Loco maintenance and some of the put-off repairs around the layout. I always hate to break away from construction/play, but if you don't do these things they become a mountain of problems.

Take care all!:)


"retired" conductor
I'm baaaaack!!!!! (Scared meself for a sec,,,,,,,thought I sounded like Chris!:eek:)

2 Hours to install end handrails and ladders.........NOW I remember why I buy plastic cabooses normally!!:eek:
Oh well,,,,,naptime,,,,,paintshop prep will happen tomorrow!!:D

Good Morning ! from Tipton IN.





It's 34 with a high of 69 today. It will be windy today with no rain expected. I still haven't decided how my layout will be.Thank you to all the veterans that made today possible in this country. Is two totes of railcars excessive? lol
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"retired" conductor
Is two totes of railcars excessive? lol

Excessive is only when you have more than your local hobby shop. Even if that is so, it isn't neccessarily a bad thing.:D
Whn I moved last summer, I counted 5 totes of locos, 9 totes of cars, and another 5 of structure kits. Plus several large boxes of completed structures, and I don't consider any of that excessive!


It isn't hard to get more than my local hobby shop. They specialize more in RC. He just keeps some stuff around for the few of us that like trains. There is a toy shop next door that carries more than him, but they are more expensive.


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning.

Yesterday was a day I'd gladly trade for a better one. I had to be up early (4:30 am) to get my mother to an appointment at a surgical hospital in Alexandria at 7:30. I got to my parent's place at 5:50 and right from there things started going wrong. She was supposed to be ready to go at 6:00. Instead I find her sorting through her meds so she can show them what she has to take. She finished with that at 6:10. Then she had to get more things together that she had to take along. She couldn't have done this the night before so it could just be grabbed on the way out? Can anybody say 'disorganized'? We have everything together and it's now 6:25. Now she needs a bathroom break. We're finally on the road at 6:45. We have 45 minutes to go 60 miles and neither of us know exactly where the surgical center is. We know it's on Bolton Avenue but Bolton runs from one side of the city to the other! Driving my mother's car is bad enough at times as I find it to be quite uncomfortable but driving it while she's in it almost requires combat pay. She's the perfect side seat driver. Any problems encountered due to bad directions given by her are ultimately my fault and at times I wish there was a luggage rack on the roof. We get to Alexandria at 7:45 as there were several road construction detours along the way. At this point I'm really getting it in the right ear about getting there late at which time I have to hand it back that she was the reason for us being late. Naturally she doesn't see it that way. We hunt around a bit and find the surgical hospital. It's now about 8:10. I get her inside to the admission desk so it's now about 8:20. I had intended to from there to the LHS but then I'm informed that I can't leave. They need me there in case anything goes wrong. I can foresee a really boring day ahead. I checked out the TV but of the very limited fare they had it seemed to all news, shopping channels and soap operas. The news seemed downright depressing, the shopping channels were just about to make me gag and the soap operas had me wondering if there was a hangman's noose somewhere nearby. At noon I headed for the surgical center's cafeteria where I had a small lunch consisting of a chicken salad sandwich and some chips. Finally the procedure she was there for was finished but now she had to be in recovery for a couple of hours. Finally the time came that she was strong enough to get around a bit and give the staff a hard time. We finally escaped from the facility at which time I headed for the LHS. She was still a bit wobbly on her feet so she stayed in the car while I went in and picked up two bachmann freight cars, a Santa Fe Conditionaire covered hopper and a Nickel Plate 40' gondola. We then went to a fast food place with a drive through. I got a cheese burger for myself and a medium Sprite for her. She can't have anything solid until later today. The trip back home was mostly uneventful. We almost got knocked off the road by a log truck that was changing lanes whether we were there or not. I had to slow down fast enough to get clear of the truck but not get clobbered by the tail-gating idiot behind me. I finally got her home then went back to my own home where I headed right for the bed. I got an hour or two of sleep then proceeded on with my evening.

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
I'm baaaaack!!!!! (Scared meself for a sec,,,,,,,thought I sounded like Chris!:eek:)

Did someone mention my name?;):p

Been bussy on the farm trying to catch up to Larry!:mad: DUDE, Larry get a life so I can catch up!:p LOL's Damn game is addicting....

Not much new here, the Ex is still being a @#$%$#! As for my new love....well We're still together and life is good!;) Still need to find a night job to help with bills. seems that 2nd and 3rd shift jobs are hard to come by....everyone down here seems to be working second and third jobs!:mad: I'm lucky I guess that I got my Old job back.

....on that note, all is well at the park, they need to cut 1.8 million off the parks budget next year!:eek: I could end up getting laid off again:mad: Won't know until next Sept.:mad::rolleyes::(:eek: Well got to get back to the farm......Dang Larry take a break;)


"retired" conductor
lraK, Farmville is neat!!! Too slow to load though, and that's on a FAST computer!!!!!!

I just check in on the Mrs. from time to time while she is tending her fields, and wonder, how many kits I could have completed in the same amount of time??:confused:

Besides, I spent tooooo much time in my younger days plowing fields, baling hay, birthing cows and of course, shoveling @(^$ to ever want to do it again, even in cyber space.:cool:


Crusty Old Geezer
Yep, lraK, still breathin' here. I guess they calls it livin'. I could surely think of a better situation, that's fer shur.

Anyone heerd from Jimbo?

I could sure use some of 'dat Elmer's stuff....gots lots of ballast to paste down.

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