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Soggy sleep

Good morning everyone.
I'm up early this morning because I have a big project to do and I'm not sure how to go about it. Our 12 year old water bed sprung a leak a few days ago and we had to buy a new mattress. I know I can get about half the water out with a pump, but because of all the foam baffles that hold the other half of the water a pump won't work. It's to heavy to drag off the bed platform. It's something like that ship in reverse. Anybody here have a ideas on this.



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Good morning folks

It is 49 F with an expected high of 52 F. We got up to 68 F yesterday. Of course by the weekend we will back to winter with the possibility of snow.

I am going into work late again since I have to drop my daughter off at school again this morning. My wife is getting over the bug she had. She has an Outreach this afternoon so I told her to sleep late. I was having trouble yesterday getting on line at work. I usually check the forums before work officially starts and at lunch time. Our Internet filter kept blocking portions of the site. I could read some topics and others I could read only parts of others. It was even blocking some of our own websites that we use daily. Apparently there have Internet problems throughout our Department. Folks in the northern part of the state could not even get on the Internet.

No modeling last night. We had Cub Scouts last night.

I hope everybody has a good day.


Running the MC & Buffalo
Good Morning Bill , George & Tom !!! Winter is back couple inchhes of snow so out comes the shovel. Steve those are some amazing pictures. George same thing happened to my brother . After we pumped him out we siphoned and then it was the bucket brigade, After we got out as much as we could that way . We dried the rest up with towels . That darn mattres was still heavy . Good luck . have to go out and shovel . So hope all have a nice day !!


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George I had the same problem with my last water bed mattress. We pumped off as much as we could and then just drug the darn thing out of the house into the waiting pickup for disposal. We no longer have a water bed mattress as we purchased a 14" thick drop in. I slept better on the drop in than I had in the water bed the last three years we had it. There is no easy way to drain one of those things with the foam baffles.


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Good morning.

Not much happening today. It's clear and 32 degrees. The temp is expected to hit a high of 64.

Today's Weather for:
Sundown, LA 71446-6114 2/7/2008

Wind Chill: 32°F
Humidity: 83%
Dew Point: 30°F

So Far Today
High: 36°F
Low: 32°F
Rain: 0.00"
Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
Gust: 3mph N

Today High: 65 Sunny. Highs in the mid 60s. South winds around 10 mph.

Tonight Low: 32 Mostly clear. Lows in the lower 30s. West winds around 10 mph in the evening becoming light and variable.
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I guess by Paul and Larry's comments I'm going to have a tough day. I can't spill to much water my model railroad is a floor below.



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Mornin' everyone! We got about an inch of partly cloudy last night with a few flakes still falling out of the sky. The weather was very nasty last night when it was coming down hard as rain, freezing rain, and sleet. That was happening about the time I had to go over to the church for the Ash Wednesday supper and service (and Deacons meeting).

I know there is water on the floor in the basemaent so i best go start drying it out.......... have a good one!


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Morning all! Yup, it's still morning......barely!

Busy, busy morning!

This weather this week is playing havoc with phone lines everywhere. I guess I should look at it as "job security", huh? Working in the service department at the phone company seems to always have something to keep you busy, thats for sure!

So hows everyong doing today? Good I hope!

The new addition to our family (my daughters new dog) is getting into the grove. She's a good dog, and smart as a whip. I think she'll be one of the best dogs we've ever had around the house. Tell ya what, she's big. She's a horse! And she seems to like my side of the bed too!

Well, I'd best get busy again......later!

Steve B

Afternoon gents

We got a royal visit at work tommorow morning, should be fun.

the salvage people have brought in a very big crawler crane, it's a monster, should be interesting to see it at the weekend


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Ship photos

Steve you don't mind if I send those ship photos to some one I know in England do you? He hasn't mentioned it to us.


Steve B

not at all George, the ones in my last post are from the bbc web site, it's been all over the TV since it happened over here, today is the first day they have not covered it


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Good evening folks

I am sitting here killing time waiting for dinner to finish cooking. The wife just got in from her outreach program. She survived the kids from Hell and didn’t kill any of them. They were pretty bad today. Apparently pumped up on sugar. She said by the end of the program they were behaving. One of the mothers couldn’t believe that my wife got them to behave.

It looks like I maybe off the air during parts of the day. At work they have decided to block all sports and hobby related websites. They said that the fact that everyone goes on line at lunch time is using up all bandwidth. They are doing nothing about the folks who stream music or radio programs. Also in the last year they have moved all our payroll, ordering, bidding, and leave tracking online. Of course they have not increased the bandwidth since 1995. In their infinite stupidity they are blaming all the sports and hobby websites not the fact they keep adding stuff to an antiquated network. When they instituted the new filter on Monday they managed to knock half the Department’s computers off line and still have not gotten them back on. Productivity went to zero in over half our offices. You have to love progress.

I got hit with a shocker the other day. One of my buddies from high school passed away. He was 44. I have not seen him in a couple of years. From what I could find out he had liver cancer that was discovered about 8 months ago. He was the first one from our high school class to die. His service was today but I was unable to go because I had to meet with some township officials and a state representative and I didn't find out about the service until an hour before I was to leave for the meeting.

I hear the beeper. I better go check the pot of pasta.

I hope everybody has a good evening.


Alabama rail gang

Hope your all OK after the storms, let us know how your doing folk's
Doing just fine, Steve. There was some structual damage out in the more rural areas, but nothing major around me. The storm came as no surprise to those that have lived here for awhile. You can actually feel it in the air and know something has to give.

L&N Castle

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Evening Steve. What's new everyone? Steve,I came through the storms pretty good here in Vestavia,no damage,just a lot of wind and rain. Rex,I'm glad to hear that you came through the storms okay. I asked CJ,if he heard from you,concerning the bad weather. After seeing all the damage from these storms,I hate to think what might be coming later in the year,as we get towards Spring.I only hope,that this last outbreak,wasn't a taste of what could come later on. My heart goes out to those who lost lives and property.William.


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Good Morning All

Steve: I hate seeing pictures like those! God it's every Mariner's worst fear come true! Lucky all got off safely.

Rex: Glad you faired well in those Storms as it looked very ugly on the News.

Well looking at the NWS/NOAA long range forecast maps it looks like we are in for one very large, nasty ugly MESS:( on Sunday and Monday. Time to sharpen the the shovels, pics and whatevers!

Later All



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Golf today

Good morning everyone.
Boy you guys were right about dragging the water bed out. My back and my friends want me to play golf today. I'm just like Jims father play when ever it's possible. I'll have to take some Advil. I started to add the second main over the helix. It's a much harder job then I thought. I'm doing this so our club can run more trains, which means more fun. I got to get ready for golf. I hope everyone has a good day. See ya later FOUR !!!!


Steve B

Glad you guy's didn't get any major trouble in the storms,,, just met his royal highness prince michael of kent at work, now i'm off to see the royal train go by with him back to london, i'll get a picture if i can for later :)


Running the MC & Buffalo
Mornin' Folks ! Another winter's day here in Buffalo , Light snow and high of 36. glad to hear that you fellows weathered the tornadoes down South . Not so good for some other poor souls. It was a miracle about the baby they found still alive. Simply amazing that so much damage and yet a little baby can live through it . George glad that your back made it through the bed removal. Well gotta go get my daily exercise and shovel some more white stuff. have a great day all !!!!!
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