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Just purchase a set of non-operating Busch signals and four of them are tilted to the side, is this type of signal limited to European railways, or are they used on U.S. railways? Also what does the angle mean?

Please advise
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I have attached a photo if you need to see it.
Hi Rudy, and welcome to ModelRailroadForums. Sorry I can't helpmuch with your question but we do have some knowledgible members who do. Be patient and one will be along soon.
The angled ones are distant signals, they give a sort of advance indication of what the signal ahead indicates.

I had a link around here somewhere that showed the diffrent types of those signals and what thier aspects mean.
Please help, I posted on this topic before but didn't get this question answered.
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Hi, and welcome, Rudy. It becomes VERY confusing when folks discuss the same topic in more than one thread, so I put on my Moderator hat and closed the other two "Signals" threads. If you lose track of this thread again, either do as CBCNSfan suggested, or you can find your own recent posts by looking at your user profile.

Again, welcome. :) Enjoy the forums! If you have other questions, just ask. People here are very generous with their expertise.
To clear it up, those are German prototype railway signals. Yes, they may be color light type signaling, but your gonna be hard pressed to find anything close to that style of signal being used here. The aspects may be similar on the signals, but just the way it's laid out is not like American signals.
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At first I was going to resolve myself to the loss of my purchase, but I have found at least 4 examples, many in PRR of these type of signals same aspect as you said, but layout, I don't see any difference except the staffs being used, I intend on adding Plastistruct ladders to tall signals and that should pretty well Americanize these signals I think. I appreciate your feedback, but maybe you were unaware of these examples. I have included the links if you care to check them out.

I'm totally aware of PRR posisiton light signaling, as well as the B&O's use of color posistion light signals. For what its worth, it was the mystery of what the PRR position lights meant that got me started on learning what they mean and are used for. I'm also a avid fan of European railways, as a result,I have gotten a basic understanding of the major singaling systems in use there (namely on the SBB, RhB, NS, and DB). I CAN tell the diffrence between PRR singals and DB signals.

Really, it boils down to it being your layout to do with as you please, so nothing I say should change your mind. I'm just trying to point out that those signals are very clearly a German prototype.
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>>>> I intend on adding Plastistruct ladders to tall signals and that should pretty well Americanize these signals I think.<<<<

Paint everything silver, except the oval around the lights, too.

$.02 worth. :rolleyes: