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So apparently our compatriots in the R/C airplane hobby have figured out a way to modify photographs taken from their aircraft so that they appear to show a scale model. Sorta hard to describe, but it's really fascinating, and seems like it could possibly be a good resource for model railroaders.

Here's the link:

I believe the technique they use is called tilt shifting. We'll have to hope someone else on here knows more about photography than I do in order to get an explanation of what exactly that means.



I recently saw an article on tilt shifting, which is one way to get this look. (It requires a very expensive lens to acheive though...)

This fellow's technique is a lot easier and cheaper, you just use a regular photo and some Photoshop trickery. Basically it just changes the photo so most of it is out of focus, except for one area, tricking you into thinking it was short with a camera using a short focal length and a real small depth of field.
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Dear Model Railroader Magazine,

I have attached a photo of my scratchbuilt, super-detailed, prototypically accurate model of the UPRR bridge in West Seattle.

Nah, they'd never fall for it... Would they?


BNSF Tacoma in CS2 Scale

(The thumbnail doesn't do these any justice, take a look at the large image...)


Diesel Detail Freak
Hummm, I dunno Bob. But I can say, it'd be a little more effective if the blurring recreates model blurring...


They're just something I did in a few minutes time last night.

The high angle photos the R/C guys take work the best, since that's the most natural way to look at a model railroad. I think that with a bit of work you could get some remarkably good ones.

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