A Woodland Scenics HO Timber Tunnel Portal


I have a "what I did" on the use of a plaster timber portal at:



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I have that exact portal, but it is resin cast. I'm wondering if you used the original to create a plaster mold and cast or you just got the one plaster cast somewhere.

IF you made the mold, I was wondering how that went as I have or will have many casts of that portal.
The Woodland Scenics is Hydrocal plaster. Chooch had one made of resin. The plaster portal is much easier to rework. As far a pirating castings it is better to buy new ones. Pirated copies always lack the sharpness and it is probably cheaper and a lot less work.

Chip, I used liquid latex with gauze layers for strength to make a mold from a WS. It does work, but as Harold said it isn't as sharp in detal. Ok though for those out-of-the-way places or if you sharpen them up with a hobby knife. :) Sure saves a lot of money;) .