1/87th Vehicles

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1:87 truck GuRu
Yeah, the pusher-puller thing is more realistic and the route I want to go, however, I'm still looking for a better pusher-puller truck. I may build one, but unsure at this time.


1:87 truck GuRu
nice Rig and trailer that mining shovel would be hauled disassembled not just for the reason of weight but to be able to get the truck into or near the mine to off load it. A trailer that large would also need a pusher truck(or 2) to safely get up any grades larger than 4-5%. the puser trucks would also need concrete blocks for traction!
I thought of another idea too. I work at nuclear power plant and we recently had a refueling outage where they replaced the turbine blades (I know it weighs at least over 300,000lbs). They ended up using one of the large, I believe, Mack with a trailer that had motorized wheels.


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Hot Wheels has some new 1:87 vehicles coming...

Copied from http://www.87thscale.info/news.htm
Hotwheels 1/87 - announced for 2009
’40 Ford Drag Truck
’41 Willys
’55 Chevy® Panel
’62 Chevy®
1966 Batmobile™
’67 Pontiac® GTO®
’69 Mustang
’70 Dodge HEMI® Challenger
’70 Plymouth Superbird
Custom ’64 Ford Galaxie
Custom ’67 Mustang
Dairy Delivery®
Ferrari F430 Challenge
Ford GTX1
Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept
Honda Civic Si
Midnight Otto™
Purple Passion®
Shelby Cobra "Daytona" Coupe®
Same info on Hot Wheels' site:


Diesel Detail Freak
Well I found the new Cat equipment. The tractors look the same as the last run, just weathered. Loader, Dozer, Grader... The Excavator however is a 320CL, where as the last one was a 315...


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Chad, you can get LV Metro decals in 1/24 at http://www.policecarmodels.com/1lasvenolasv.html but there are none in 1/87 I'm aware of. They have a very simple paint schem so it should be possible to use almost any black and white Crown Vic and use the generic Microscale decals to come up with a reasonable match.

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1/87th scale @wal-mart

I'm surprised to see that your wal-mart has these for sale.Why I say this is because I was buying the same units 1 to 2 years ago at our wal-mart here in Pa.Price back then was $1.67 per unit.


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I was told by a WM store mgr. that any store that had trouble selling the other cars & trucks will not get any of the new ones. The store that I found them in 2 pages back was about 30 miles from me. It's a fairly new store & they never had the original Malibu cars & thats why they have the new ones now. I like the new Matchbox trucks in the blister pack. Lot of things you can do w/those to kitbash them.

Larry C.


1:87 truck GuRu
Honestly, I've bought most of my HO cars and trucks from Ebay. I know some people are very skeptical about purchasing anything from Ebay, however, as long as you keep an eye on a seller's rating, you can usually make out like a bandit. I definitely know that this hobby can become very, VERY addicting and expensive, and that it why I have to do everything in my power to find the best deals out there...
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I'm looking for a place to buy detail part to add to construction and mine equipment that will improve the look of the model from a toy looking truck to a finer model. I don't have the money to buy a $100+ vehicle so I would like to buy some that I can detail to look even better. Any help would be great.

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