1. T

    Metal Wheel sets......or are they??

    I recently upgraded my rolling stock with Kadee metal wheels. At times I lost track of which were the plastic wheels I removed from the metal wheels I was installing. As wheel sets are typically made of non-ferrous metal (zinc, bronze......), they are non-conductive, therefore checking...
  2. Xavier A.

    Livestock Vagon

    Hello ! Sorry, but lately I have not been able to enter what I wanted in the forum. Work topics. Well, not to bore too much, here I leave some pictures of the construction of this livestock wagon. I hope you like it Thanks for watching. Regards Xavier
  3. S

    Changing Wheels

    As a newbie I try to keep an ear to anything that gives me a clue to improving my stock, most of which has been purchased second-hand. I notice that certain suppliers offer new wheel sets and except for replacement of missing trucks, I wondered if there was another reason for these being...
  4. Old Athearn

    Old Athearn

    One of my favorite pieces of equipment is this old one, an early Athearn boxcar that, despite its age, still manages to carry on.
  5. Pierce 55\' Ladder & burned down structure

    Pierce 55\' Ladder & burned down structure

    Small Scene to be placed on my layout, most likely in Victorville, CA (Summit region of Cajon Pass), my recently built Pierce 55\' ladder truck, a hand painted cast white metal truck manufactured by Grandspot. The burned down building scene was purchased on eBay for a few dollars.
  6. Switching scrap metal gons at US Steel - Houghschnaegel Works

    Switching scrap metal gons at US Steel - Houghschnaegel Works

    Loads in, empties out - never a dull moment at the basic oxygen furnace mill. The loco is a Bachmann Spectrum GE 44-tonner, gondolas are a mix of Athearn and MDC, and the figures are from a Preiser construction crew; the hot metal 'submarine' car is a Walthers kit, the building is from a...