1. A

    Do you need supplies? or Even a Railroad custom built? WE HAVE IT ALL!

    Hello and thank you for viewing our thread! Here at Affordable Model Railroads we strive to make your railroad dream come true! We do everything from custom builds to even providing you with your own personal backdrop, and best of all we even travel to install your custom railroad for you! We...
  2. GDSmith

    I'm planning on a re-build

    First - if this isn't allowed, please let me know and I'll remove it Since our move from WV to NC is completed, we're starting to organize our new house and the BONUS ROOM is going to be mine for a new train room. I've decided that the best / quickest way to do it is to have EVERYONE help me...
  3. K

    Scratch Building

    I'm sure you guys all know them but I'm looking around and having trouble finding some solid resources that help beginners with scratch building really learn the ropes. Whether it be books, websites, whatever, please any places you guys have would be really helpful :) (Ive been trying to wing it...