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    Selling off my inventory of Freight cars.

    I have been interested in selling off my inventory of freight cars in a one lot move. When I saw that Hattons was interested in what I have for sale, I jumped at the chance to work with them. Hattons Model Railroad, a Model Railroad Retailer in Great Britton, has been advertising that they...
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    Weathering Rail, how to?

    With my HO layout I used Floquil Roof Brown spray paint to weather my track and rail. However, I am modeling hand laid On30 Narrow Gauge track, now. I'm weathering the ties with shades of gray to make the ties look like they have been out in the weather for a few; or, many years. I want to...
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    Anybody else have problems with Digitrax DCC?

    I am loosing my patience with Digitrax's Customer service! I had a couple of small problems with my year old Zephyr Express unit. Has anyone else had trouble with contacting Digitrax or their custmoer service dept.? I find their Help Desk to be very confusing and does not work the way they...
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    Modular and Sectional Layouts

    Those of you who have built or are building Modular and/or Sectional Layouts, can I ask what you've used to align the modules together. Larry Puckett is running a build session on Module building and he uses DCC Concepts Base Board Alignment Dowels...
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    HO Model Train Storage Boxes?

    A while back there was a thread on who supplies HO Train Storage Boxes. Can anyone lead me to this thread? thanks in advance!
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    Couplers installed on new Scale Trains, Athearn, etc.

    Why, if Kadee couplers are recognized to be the best knuckle Couplers available, do manufacturers install other manufacturers couplers? I just watched Model Railroader Magazine's Product review of Athearn's new Genesis EMD GP-38-2, which has Mc Henry couplers. I've noticed that Kadee couplers...
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    Gleaming your track

    What happened with Gleaming track, I couple-few years back, this was HOT topic. i won't say that everyone was doing it; but there was enough talk about it that it was an interesting read. I never tried it as my cars that have hardboard Track Cleaners do a good job of keeping my track clean...
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    Have any of you who have an account at Ebay received a note from Ebay about their changing how stuff is paid for; or, how you pay for the stuff you've purchased? Essentially, my understanding from Ebay is that they will no longer be using Pay Pal as a method of payment. Instead (and I am...
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    I'm in the process of selling off my HO Northern Pacific Stuff.

    I'm de-constructing my HO Layout that I started back in 1988. This includes both Diesel and Steam locomotives and freight and passenger equipment in use in 1953. Also, have buildings and bridges for sale. If interested, tell me what you are interested in and I will post the item numbers. Thanks!
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    Water Slide Decals:

    I would like to contact someone to make me some water slide decals. I would send them artwork if they can use MSPaint for the artwork. I know that many people are printing their own water slide decals now. Anyone interested?
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    Do you hand lay your track?

    Do you hand lay your track? If so what do you use as track bed? I know that Homasote/Homabed holds spikes very well and would be a good choice for a product to use, if it were readily available. I think Homabed is no longer being made and Homasote can be difficult to find. Thanks to all who...
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    Who can do good water slide Decals for me?

    I'm looking for a Custom Manufacturer of Water Slide Decals. Does anyone know where I can go?
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    When is a train backing?

    When is a train backing? I can see a case where a train has a car on the front of the locomotive and needs to back-up (going loco frontwards) to spot the car, disconnect from the car and then move towards the back of the locomotive (Backing-up). Does the loco toot three times for both manuvers?
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    New On30 Layout.

    I am considering tearing out my 30+ year old Northern Pacific layout and starting over in On30. Why you might ask? The truth is other than operating my HO layout, I really haven't done much work on the layout in a couple years. Planely stated, I guess I'm board with it. I enjoy the planing...
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    Model railroading with Covid 19

    Three weeks ago, both my wife and I started felling ill. We sort of felt like we were coming down with a cold. Since we had pretty much been in lock down in our house, we were doubtful we had come into contact with anyone having Covid 19. Finally a week ago this past Tuesday (the 1st of...
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    On30 equipment. In particular Bachmann's stuff.

    Before you assume I am a newby, because I am new to this Forum, think again, I have been active in this hobby building an HO layout since 1988. I have lots of experience with Bachmann Locomotives. Most of it good; but, I have had my share of problems with Bachmann's steam locomotives. I am...
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    What locomotive?

    Across the top of this page, with the words bumping up against it, is a photo of an unusual locomotive and I'm interested in finding out what locomotive this was. because the photo is cut short on the right side of the photo, I can't tell if the second set of drivers is...
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    Installing a Sound Decoder in a Brass Locomotive

    I am looking for someone who does Decoder installations. I have a PFM Brass Y-1 Northern Pacific Consolidation needing a sound decoder. I have installed many non-sound decoders successfully; but, I have failed out three times with Steam Sound decoders. The loco has a motor who's stall current...
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    Considering tearing out my old HO layout.

    I am considering tearing out my 1953 era HO Layout and changing scales. I have around 20 HO locomotives all but three have been converted to DCC and some with sound. I also have around 170 Freight cars and 10; or, so passenger cars. I also have some buildings I want to sell off. I've been...
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    O scale Vehicles?

    I'm looking for O scale Vehicles to populate my On30 layout, which I am considering building. It will be a steam era layout based on the early 1930s, so I am looking for O scale Model "Ts" and Model "A" and early 1930s type cars. Not beholding to Ford, will even consider Chevys!

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