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    ok who got trains for xmas

    I didn't actually get any trains per say, but I did get about $75 in gift certificates which I put towards my Athearn Genesis KCS SD70 ACe (which was pretty much all I needed to bail it out of the confines of the LHS!!! So happy! My wonderful wife let me have $100 a few weeks ago to put towards...
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    Alright everyone, so during the process of working on these locos I couldn't help but notice the first BNSF Dash 9 that I ever added some details to. If you look at one of the first pics posted at the top of this thread in the near backround you will see Athearn BNSF #972. This unit was a RTR...
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    Will a clear coat solve my problem?

    Everytime I have ever used Floquil enamels I have had the same experience. When I painted the 3 locos I am currently working on last week, I am still having to be careful handling them as they are JUST now almost finished drying! I don't believe its a bad jar of paint unless all of them are bad...
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    NS locos, why do they have other reporting marks?

    In the same fashion as many other railroads that owe or have owed their existence to the merging of many subsidiary railroads (i.e: Chessie System - B&O, C&O, WM...) I believe they do this due to the original railroads still owning parts of the main holding company. I'm not exactly sure how...
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    Yes, when I cut out the grilles in the picture you can kind of see the little lip that was left in place to mount the new parts. It is very apparent what will need to be done after you get the grilles test fitted in place. Of course, I as well as others would be more than happy to help you with...
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    So very close to being done now and running out of detail parts to apply before finishing touches and weathering. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy... -Rich
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    Still lots of work to get done yet, but getting there slowly. I have now added air reservoir tanks, rear handrails, and exhaust stacks to all 3 engines. I have to bend the wire to form the front handrails on 2 of the engines still, paint touch ups to some areas that have...
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    RPP 8-40CW details

    Really, all you have to do is make the cuts just the way that the instructions tell you and then mount the air tanks upside down and switch the sides you install the large pipe and small pipe on. As I stated before though, it explains it all in the instructions. Make sure you post some pics...
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    Yes, I am. I was not originally going to, however, I thought better of it and this project deserves not to be skimped on. Besides, with all the other details that have been applied and will be soon, it would be a shame not to. -Rich
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    Handrails - will they fit?

    I do not think that Athearn ever made U-boats with plastic handrails...If it is Atlas you are talking about, I highly doubt it. Stanchion placement is not even exactly the same as the Dash 8's and 9 let alone other GE locos that whose prototype years were not even in the same decade. If I were...
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    RPP 8-40CW details

    Hey cbar, to answer your question Dash8's and Dash 9's that were part of the initial build (pre-1995) have the same type of air reservoirs. These differ from those found on later build Dash 9's and AC4400 models by way of being mounted to the bottom of the fuel tank as opposed to the top. It is...
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    Been away from HO for a while but have ?'s

    I'll be the first in line to make a blue box loco the basis of my superdetail project! There is still a pretty good market out there for them and many times they start out so sparsely detailed that it makes prep work a piece of cake! Welcome back to the hobby! Good luck on your hunt too...
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    SP Genesis Caboose inside and out

    Nice modifications Ted! Kinda sucks sometimes that the late real detailed pieces from Athearn (especially) need alittle work when you get them...Especially when the work is repairing damage incurred during shipment or perhaps earlier :rolleyes: . Tacoma Trains huh? I hit that place up...
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    Ok guys, spent the weekend doing some more on these...Now all three units have handrails on either side...They all are a perfect match too due to using a template! (Man, so much easier!!!) Also, last night I applied my air reservoir tanks and details. I will not post pics of all 3 units...
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    Absolutely, however, in the case that these certain details have been applied (i.e: underframe details, etc.) will be painted as well as the area around it. Some grabirons have been painted, however, some were not; those that would complicate masking certain areas or applying decals. So, to...
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    Just this last week is when these pics were taken. Much progress has taken place and the closer I get to being done with these, the more motivated I am becoming to see the final product. What do you all think so far? More progress pics will be posted soon if anyone would like to see...
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    Some of the things that were important to me and that MUST be added to these three models would be: *Correct coupler cut bars - Railflyer prototypes *Brass handrails with stachions from Smokey Valley These items (especially the handrails) would be particularly time consuming-and totally...
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    BNSF 9-44CW build x3 (Warning, lots of pics!!)

    Hey everyone, I have been quite busy with these since last year, but I am finally going to finish them up. I figured as much as I love to see other people post their projects maybe you guys would like to see what I've done. I even managed to find some progress pics up to this point. Opinions...
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    CN SD70 detailing project, need your help

    hey there mastertrain, sounds like you have your a great project underway and for that I wish you luck. Custom modelers seems to be a dying breed it seems... :( However, to answer your first question about referencing, the site I always use is: . Now there are other...
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    So many different phases of dash 9's! Where to start?!!!

    Hey everyone, I am in the process of building a couple BNSF dash 9 using a few late shells but had a really important question. As most of you know, there are different "phases" of locomotives as they evolve to better meet the needs of the railroad or to improve on the current product. This...

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