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    attack of nerves - Mountain making!

    Foam is the way to go for strength. I'm using the extruded pink foam to make my cliffs/tunnels. I am going to shape them a little bit then cover them in plaster and then paint and add foliage.
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    Survey regarding Online Model Railroad Shopping

    Well you will hear this over and over when comparing online to brick and mortar. That you should do what ever you can to support your LHS. Well for most people the LHS is lacking in the L part. The nearest shop to my house is 40 miles one way. An 80 mile round trip with gas as high as it is, is...
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    Please help this New guy with a layout

    Maybe if you can post some pics of the trains that you came in possession of then someone could tell you more about what radius of curve is required. (That's just an excuse to get you to post pics because we just love looking at trains.)
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    Took Ballast From 1:1 Tracks To Use On My 1:160 Tracks

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    Been working on my photography....

    Hey Dollie's Dad, I just downloaded the plug-in for my Firefox and installed it. That's a pretty handy add-on.
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    Been working on my photography....

    If you have MS Windows then after you save the pic to your computer (right click and click save as) you can put your mouse cursor over the file and it will show you the date and time that the pic was taken and the model of the camera. Great pics by the way. That is a really nice looking engine.
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    Looking for graffiti ideas?

    I just took these pics yesterday in Ennis, TX which is about 30 miles south of Dallas. If you look at the close up you can see all of the important info on the car. They put the info back on over the top of the graffiti and left the bulk of the graffiti on there.
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    Why drive when you can take the train

    That's just crazy. But I think I found where they were all going. inA-36YRV0Y&feature
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    Dual locos for N scale

    You can run two locos lashed together on a DC layout. It is best if the two locos are equally matched in their speed. You can run two on the same track NOT hooked to each other and see if they stay next to each other or if one is going faster/slower than the other. I have several F3 A/A units...
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    Has anyone else seen this? - Crazy

    I've noticed that the only post JohnBarrow has made is this one. I'm guessing he didn't just stumble on to that site.
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    Weekly Photo Fun 5-6/5-12

    The Exxon store looks really good. I like that pay phone. What is that next to the phone, a porta-potty?
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    What Track Planning Software Do You Use Poll

    I use SCARM. I'm not an expert cad user and SCARM is really easy to use and it is free.
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    Awesome DRGW Layout

    That's a nice layout. He did a great job with the scenery. I hope I can accomplish on my layout just some of what he accomplished on his layout.
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    How to wire reversing section with yard

    I tried to re-create your drawing using SCARM and it wasn't easy. This will be better for someone to use to show you with. What scale is your layout and what kind of track is it?
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    Old Timey Layout Video

    Great video. Love the sound and smoke.
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    Whats the best looking paint scheme?

    I like the Rio Grande freight scheme: And the Santa Fe War Bonnet scheme:
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    Workin on the Railroad (what did you do this week?)

    That curved bridge looks good to me. But of course I ain't no civil engineer so what do I know. Are you going to paint it? Are you trying to simulate wood or metal?
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    World Record

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    Scenic update for Sweethome Alabama

    Jon, you do some really great detail work. Everything is so realistic looking.
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    Styrene, whatcha know bout it?

    Thanx for the info. I looked on their site and it does have on there the conversion chart.

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