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    Took Ballast From 1:1 Tracks To Use On My 1:160 Tracks

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    Styrene, whatcha know bout it?

    I an wanting to scratch build some buildings for my n-scale layout and I've never used styrene before. I looked it up and found a few sites that sell it but it comes in different thicknesses. This site here has a lot of different types of shapes (angle, tube, I-beam, ect..) that I would like to...
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    Soldering Iron?

    I am planning on building an n-scale layout and I want to solder the track together but I don't know anything about soldering or soldering equipment. I looked on eBay for soldering irons and there are several different kinds on there. Can anyone tell me what they would recommend for soldering...
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    Electronic Rail Pass

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    My New N-scale Plan

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    Question About Scarm

    I'm try'n to design a layout use'n Scarm but I don't understand the track height. This is a sample of what I don't understand. The track is ten feet long and the end that you can't see is at ground level (0). The end in the pic says 1.02 with 8% grade. What is the actual height of the track on...
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    Need Opinion About A Controller

    I need a controller for my N-scale track and I'm too poor to buy anything new. I was want'n to know if yall think $10 is too much for this controller. It was test'd and works good. $10 includes the shipping ($5 + $5)
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    Atlas Code 80 4x8 N-Scale Design

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    When Did They Run?

    I've been try'n to do some research on the D&RGW PA/PB locos that ran from Denver to Salt Lake City. I'm not have'n much luck. I'm want'n to know what years they ran. The best I can tell is they ran during the fifties. Does anyone know when they used PA/PB's to pull the California Zephyr...

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