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    digital multi-meter

    This one should do fine. Or a little better one if you want.
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    Little Dilemma

    Thanks all for the input. For the time being I think I'll stay away. If I decide to return I'll simply ignore any requests or comments to change anything unless it's to add something. Although modular the layout has been permanent for several years, but now and then things have been re-routed...
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    Little Dilemma

    Maybe this will help. The layout is modular and clamped together so it has no real rigid permanent mounting. They constantly talk about changes so that has to be factored in. As far as the chairs picture the chairs with the electronics mounted on them and underneath the modular layout. There is...
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    Little Dilemma

    Thanks When I build the detection and signaling sections there was no place to mount them. So I put the BDL168's and SE8's on a piece of plywood at each location and laid them on a folding chair. Actually it's very serviceable since when anything goes wrong you simply pull the chair in the...
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    Little Dilemma

    I have a little dilemma. I could be over reacting but my gut says no. I need a few opinions. About 5 years ago I decided to join a club. I had previously attended their Christmas shows for several years with my kids but followed up on a flyer they had requesting new members. While at the first...
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    First WiFi Loco-Nodes, ready for fabrication/assembly

    What size loco's will these fit in? Also how thick are the units? Looks similar to railpro but wifi (which is better)
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    BLI versus MTH quality?

    I've had several MTH loco's and they were all good quality and very detailed. Most who use dcc don't even use the cv values missing on them but complain because they aren't there. The sound is also top notch. As to offering the same loco's and calling them new, They ARE new. That's one of the...
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    LED and resistor specs/sources?

    Just google what you're looking for. You'll find lots of ED's that way. Also try ebay. Lots to be had there.
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    DC Power Supply for LEDS...

    Good to see some getting some edumication here. A lot of the info people recommend is based on the older style, less efficient LED's. They've come a long way technology wise. Scenes like Marks were only possible with Bulbs just a few years ago.
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    Adding a resistor to a NON LED light

    You could simply use a DC train power pack, which can be found for cheap. Just adjust the throttle and use the track output to power your lights.
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    Circuit Simulation Software

    How large is your layout? As others have alluded to, if you spend time inventing something that is already available, you'll wind up getting frustrated and off track.
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    DC Power Supply for LEDS...

    Suzie covered it on the first page of the thread.
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    Solving the problem of drivers who refuse to stop at a rail crossing

    Gates coming down with no train was a problem in my area during the 70's. Kids learned that all you have to do is string a piece of wire across the tracks and it triggers the circuit. Just pick a spot a couple hundred yards from the crossing. I don't know if it also messes with the signaling...
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    DC Power Supply for LEDS...

    no but close enough. You can eyeball the brightness while temporarily trying different values.
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    Bershire Valley Route

    If it works for you why change it? You could try painting the rails with a floquil paint pen (they're maid to paint rails) and maybe giving the ties a light hit with an air brush. If the roadbed is bothering you simply cover it with ballast.
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    Solving the problem of drivers who refuse to stop at a rail crossing

    Wonder where it is. t's amazing that people still try to run the gates even with a cop there. It also looks like the barricade is raised by the cop.
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    DC Power Supply for LEDS...

    It helps to know the voltage of the led's before calculating resistor value The flat side of the LED is called the cathode. It hooks up to the negative side. The Anode side is round and also has the longer lead. It connects to the positive.
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    MBTA Project Complete!!!!!

    So since more cars are still to be done it's not "complete"? :D
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    hello from nola

    Welcome. Spend some time and page through the forum. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    My NC Mainline Running Class 1 Layout in HO

    Very Nice. What DCC system are you using?

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