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    Little Dilemma

    I have a little dilemma. I could be over reacting but my gut says no. I need a few opinions. About 5 years ago I decided to join a club. I had previously attended their Christmas shows for several years with my kids but followed up on a flyer they had requesting new members. While at the first...
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    LHS that displays running trains.

    The other day I visited a large LHS in my area. Over the years I never paid much attention to the 2 layouts that are usually running one or more trains. I happened to stop and look at the HO layout and noticed the train was being pulled by an Atlas loco which had no handrails at about 1/2 to...
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    Railpro Start-UP W/Pics

    Hello In this thread I'll cover the components including any strengths and weaknesses I run across. I'll also do screen shots of the controller when it comes time. This will probably take a week or 2 as I get time.
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    Updated Railpro Products

    Hello All After a year away from the hobby (not my choice) I'm gearing up to jump back in when the dust settles. Catching up on some reading in MRH I noticed that Railpro had updated projects since this time last year. The controller was updated with better battery, memory and processor. The...
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    Fast Service

    Hello All Just a plug with 2 vendors I dealt with this week. I ordered from both of them Wednesday afternoon and today my packages were on the doorstep when I got home. That's fast service :) Here's what I got from them 1. www.led-switch.(200) 1.8mm led's 2. Granger 2 spools of 30 gauge...
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    QSI Titan Decoders

    Hello All Has anyone here tried the Titan deoders yet? If so what are your thoughts on them?
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    Little Secret

    Hello All While in an LHS yesterday a few of the regulars were touting a couple of loco's that were recently stocked. They are red box Bachmann units equipped with sound. They had an FA2 on the LHS layout and it looked...
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    Strasburg Number 90 and Thomas

    As noted earlier Number 90 is cleaned up and looking good. [IMG]
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    Strasburg Team Track

    As noted in the other post there is a new team track added at Strasburg. It is set up as a siding with 2 turnouts. One side merges at the train station and the other merges in the original yard area. It is being used to load corn into grain cars, although none were present yesterday...
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    Strasburg RR Museum

    As noted earlier there is construction going on in the museum. I'm not sure exactly what they are doing but it involves the roof as well as the parking lot area beside it. There were model railroad tables set up of mostly large gauge setups. I don't think they should be charging full price...
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    Changes at Strasburg Railroad

    Yesterday I took my son to the strasburg RR. It was a beautiful day and the parking lot was full. It's been a little while since I've been there but it's always a great place to return to. There are a couple of things that have changed as well as work in progress. I'll put a couple of them...
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    Attracting new Club Members

    Lately our club membership has dropped off a bit, leaving only 18 members. We're looking for some new ideas to attract new members. What are some of the things clubs have done to attract model railroaders out of their basements and into the club? Our membership is currently $25 a month...
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    Using Plastruct on Kits

    Hello All I just tried using plastruct plastic weld on a kit for the first time. I was surprised how easy it is to use. What is the proper way to apply it? I simply painted the length of the joint with the included brush. Is that too much or is less needed? Also is there a better...
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    PRR Signal heads for diverging route

    Hello all We're getting ready to start building signal bridges for the club layout. Entering one area, one track (track 3) can go 3 ways. Straight through on mainline track 3, A turnout to the right to enter mainline track 4, and a turnout to the left to enter mainline track 2. We'll be...
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    Rail Thieves

    Just found this while surfing. They should be able to just shoot people like this.
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    May 7th National Train Day

    Hello All Just a reminder next Saturday is National Train Day. In Philly there will be an event at the 30th street station. Many Cities will have similar happenings.
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    Jasmine Revolution

    Looks like things are heating up in China. People probably sick of making neat toys for US that they cant afford. I wonder how it will affect prices in the future. Time to find another country to start manufacturing?
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    Code 100 Peco Turnouts changed.

    Hello All Last weekend I picked up several code 100 PECO switches. When I got them home I noticed that there is a new design which looks better but also appears to be worse off if the spring has to be changed. The spring access is no longer a box on top but a plate underneath the turnout...
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    Open House

    This weekend we had open house on Sat and Sunday. Here are a few pics from today. For more here's a link to the album:
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    Club Layout

    Today Before our open house I took a few quick pics of the layout. Below are several pics. For more click the album link above:

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