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  1. rbwhale

    N scale sound through BIG speakers?

    I have some questions on still another topic I know nothing about. I have two large bluetooth bookshelf speakers next to my layout with good bass. If I want to go about playing loco sounds through those speakers instead of tiny loco speakers is that possible? If it is, what do I need to acquire...
  2. rbwhale

    THe World Turned (Almost) Upside Down.

    My N scale layout, designed to be folded up against my study wall, is proceeding but, as I was preparing to start gluing down my Kato unitrack with DAP acrylic caulk, I was struck by the following thought. Ouch: Most glued down track remains horizontal. Mine will be rotated 90 degrees relative...
  3. rbwhale

    Need A Wiring Diagram For my Turnout Control Panel.

    The work on my fold up N scale layout is progressing at a pace best described as "glacial" but I am ready to try my hand at the turnout control panel. It will control 5 Kato #6 remote turnouts, all within 3 feet of one another, powered by a separate 12 volt DC power supply (track power will be...
  4. rbwhale

    Which power supply?

    Hello Everyone: I am building a 40 by 82 inch N scale layout that will will fold up against our study wall. The layout will use 2 inch high density foam and, due to the need to allow some height for mountains, there is only 2 inches to spare in the bottom, which will be covered by a thin sheet...
  5. rbwhale

    Dead Locomotives

    While I still had visions of getting my Garden railroad to run, I acquired four locomotives, an Aristocraft RS-3, a USA Trains GP-9, an Aristocraft NW-2, and an Aristocraft Lil' Critter. I ran them all for perhaps 12 to 20 hours each before 2 landslides, moles, and a blown rotator cuff...
  6. rbwhale

    Making wire trunks more realistic

    I'm making a bunch of conifers for my N scale layout using the twisted wire with rope fibers method. I'm happy with the way the foliage looks but the trunks are another matter. Is there an easy to apply sculpting compound that I can cover the twisted wire with to make the trunks look more like...
  7. rbwhale

    Problem with #6 Kato Turnouts

    On my layout I have a Right Hand Kato #6 remote switch going off the main line, connected to a Left Hand Kato #6 remote turnout that leads the other parts of the small switchyard I've planned. On the first time I ran a locomotive, the locomotive ran fine of the the mainline onto a spur, but when...
  8. rbwhale

    How well does glued ballast stick?

    I'm starting a 84" by 40" N scale layout. Due to our small house the layout will have to be folded up against my study wall when not being run. I'll be using Kato Unitrack. I know a common complaint is the plasticky, joint obvious character of the track, but I am reluctant to try the traditional...

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