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    Coffee Shop XXVII

    Well its been a LONG time since I have been on here. Thought I would come check in. I have been really busy with school, although I have done some modeling, just happens to be for tabletop wargaming and not for railroading. But some discussions on other forums reminded me of this place so...
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    How old are YOU?

    I am 20. I am taking a break from the hobby though because of school. I got into because my Grandpa and mom did it for a long time.
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    Are you careful who you tell about being a model railroader?

    I just don't advertise it. A few of my friends know, my family knows. Other than that, I don't go around telling people. Even when people ask about my hobbies, I don't usually list it. Right now it is just something I think about. I hardly even read about it (been a rough summer with...
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    Summer hobby ?

    Well this summer I will be spending a lot of time in class and lab. So that can be my hobby. I am turning into a gear head. Just a couple weeks ago I picked up a 95 neon for 200 bucks. I am debating if I should throw a cage in it and race, or get it in great condition and use my current...
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    Coffee Shop 22

    Bob: I should have known you knew what you were talking about, silly me. The new car is going to be more of a longtime project, not a daily driver. I don't expect it to be very streetable nor fuel efficient. Luckily, for the numbers I want, it can be done 'cheaply', meaning around 5 grand if...
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    Coffee Shop 22

    No.. N/A just means the air comes in on its own, nothing to force it in. Although I could still do some sort of "NOS" setup if I wanted. As for building kits in a dorm, school's dorms are pretty small, don't think my roomy would like it too much.
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    Coffee Shop 22

    Rex I am avoiding both (okay maybe I will still go Air Force after school). Going out of state for 3 years of college, didn't seem to wise to try and model while I am.
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    Coffee Shop 22

    Howdy Folks! Been a long time. School is almost over for... 3 weeks. Hope everyone is doing okay. Today is a bittersweet kind of day. I am buying a "new" car that doesn't run, going to make it a nice project, built up for some drag racing (debating if I should go turbo or N/A). Don't worry...
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    Under Construction - Birmingham UK

    Someone have a mop I can borrow, I seemed to have drooled all over the place. Amazing work.
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    Lessons learned!

    I think my biggest mistake was buying the stuff I bought. Not because it is low quality, but because I have neither the time nor space for it, at least for awhile. Nice thing I have some things to build on my spare time (once I get them semi painted). Also, I probably should of done N scale...
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    Come on in to Coffee Shop 21

    Just a quick stop in. If I can get my book used, I am looking at $200 dollars. New, I don't even want to think about it. I have only been able to find it new. Add that on to the 500 bucks I have already spent on books this semester. I can't wait till next year, the university I am...
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    Come on in to Coffee Shop 21

    Afternoon coffeeshopians. Been a long time since I dropped in. Life has been pretty hectic and stressful the last couple months. It is finally settling down thankfully. Taking a full load at school. Haven't been working in 3 months, but I get as many hours I can next week at the family...
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    Is the economy hurting your hobby?

    I pretty much started the hobby in this economy, so it can't really be hurt by it. What hurts my hobby is lack of time, being a full time college student with little space, and even less free time now. Hopefully I can finish some projects and be an armchair modeler, but have to free up some...
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    Surf the web?

    This is the only model railroad site I go to. Sometimes a couple other sites (usually someone's personal site showing off their railroad). As for other sites though, I am active on like 5 different forums, meaning I go on and post at least a couple times a week. Some I am on all the time when...
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    Coffee Shop Twenty is now open fer business

    What is this nice toasty warm basement you speak of? I have a space heater, and usually while I am on the computer I have my feet under it, almost getting burns, and still feel nothing but cold, and that is with the space heater on full.
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    Coffee Shop Twenty is now open fer business

    Hey everyone! Been like a month since I dropped in to say hi. It has been a pretty bad month too compared to the rest of the year. I don't know how much I can say until the investigation is over though, but I will say it involves a safe, money missing, and 4 people working who didn't see...
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    What is your age?

    So close to 20. Sometimes I feel older, most times I feel a lot younger.
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    Flo's Place (a.k.a. Coffee Shop #19)

    Just stopping in to say hi! Worked an almost 7 hour shift yesterday, sleep for a few hours, and just got home from an 11 hour shift today. Including getting 2 coworkers mad at me (but as my manager says, who cares, I have my job) and countless customers mad at me (but hey they have to listen...
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    An invitation to have a look around...

    Amazing shot. I have to mop up the droll now.
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    Josh B.

    Happy Birthday!

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